From packed rooms (from nearly 800 attendees) to exceptional speakers (28 of them, to be exact), the content presented at Goal Summit 2016 was inspirational, and really hit home with participants.

Keep your eyes on our blog in the coming months, as we roll out longer digests of the content from each speaker. In the meantime, you can catch up on the action with all the session videos here.

This blog post is dedicated to Goal Summit’s many shining moments and the attendees and speakers that made April 14th a day to be remembered. Thank you all for making it great– by showing up at the event, engaging with us on Twitter and through the event app and bringing up valuable questions during the speaker sessions. We can’t wait until next year!

John Doerr offered OKR insights. John Doerr (father of OKRs), Kris Duggan (BetterWorks CEO) and Menaka Shroff (BetterWorks Head of Marketing) set the tone for the day by answering some of the most common questions we hear regularly on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

Josh Bersin explained the “network of teams.” Those who caught Bersin’s presentation walked away with a better understanding of why culture, leadership, transparency and new-age management are each so critical to business success.

Panelists from Kroger, Schneider Electric, PwC & IBM talked transparency. In a very down to earth panel, leaders from enterprise organizations discussed how goal setting and transparency go hand in hand—and how to drive a cultural shift in your organization.

Kim Malone Scott told us how to be a kickass boss. The headline says it all, and drew a huge crowd (standing room only, if you were lucky) at Goal Summit. Session attendees learned how to get better at feedback with Kim’s “Give a Damn” Axis, a little down to earth advice we can all take to heart.

BetterWorks product sneak peak. One request we received following Goal Summit 2015 was for a deeper dive into new and future product features. Our Head of Product Ciara Peter and Sales Engineering Lead Steve Hackney wowed the crowd with our product pipeline.

Rick Wartzman offered insights from Drucker. In another standing room only presentation, Wartzman explored how the teachings of Peter Drucker, the man who invented management, can be applied in today’s evolving workplace.

Quentin Hardy & Joe Lonsdale uncovered the future of work. New York Times Deputy Tech Editor Quentin Hardy and 8 VC Founder Joe Lonsdale took the stage to discuss a myriad of topics, from AI to what might be holding us back from achieving innovation at work.

Don Sull discussed goals. While goals seemed to be trending at Goal Summit (imagine that!), Don Sull’s (MIT researcher and professor) presentation offered a fresh perspective on how to use goals to align your team on a strategy and actually execute on it.

Panelists from AppAnnie, RMS & OpenX dove into goal setting for high growth companies. Goal setting for businesses during their high-growth or startup stage has its fair share of challenges. Panelists from high-growth companies took the stage to have an honest conversation with BetterWorker Matt Hart about common hurdles and what they’ve done to overcome them.

Jawbone’s Randy Knaflic connected wearables to work. In his (rather comical) presentation, Randy highlighted some of the top ways industry leaders like Google, SpaceX and Jawbone are using data and wearables in the workplace.

Prasad Setty shared 5 secrets behind the science of effective teams at Google. This presentation seemed to be a crowd-pleaser, as Prasad Setty, SVP of People Operations at Google, took a deep dive into what works to drive effectiveness at Google. These are the 5 things that make teams more effective: meaning, impact, clarity, dependability and safety.

Patty McCord struck a chord with the crowd. She definitely wins the award for the biggest laughs (and the most tweets) of the day. Patty McCord’s (formerly Netflix) down to earth presentation focused on her rather disruptive approach to HR, and it seemed to sit well with the audience.

Panelists from Box, Boston Consulting Group and Red Robin/Marketo gave us the 411 on being on a board. From a panel that just happened to be composed of three very experienced women, attendees gained a few tips and tricks for evaluating board participation and working with board members on big decisions.Processed with VSCO

And last but not least, spirit fingers. Yes, our CEO called for a show of “spirit fingers” to determine how many of us are engaged at work. We’re hoping this goes mainstream.

spirit fingersIf you missed Goal Summit, don’t panic, there are alternative ways to engage with the content from our impressive list of speakers. Check back in with our blog for additional digests of individual presentations, and check for more information about Goal Summit NYC in Fall of 2016, and of course Goal Summit 2017.