Now over 20 years old and aging like a fine wine, the HR Technology Conference & Exposition is once again upon us and, as a surprise to no one, the 2018 editionSeptember 11 to 14 at the Venetian in Las Vegas — looks like it will be the best one yet. With a full roster of industry-leading speakers, vast networking opportunities, and the chance to discuss the technology that will propel the industry well into the future, this year’s conference promises to be an extremely sound investment of your time.

Given the expansive list of different speakers and sessions, however, there’s only so much of that time to go around. For that reason, Hyphen has identified four particular sessions that promise to be especially enlightening. If you’re interested in AI and the tech-driven future of HR, insights from advanced people analytics, or healthy disruption in the HR space, you should consider these four sessions a must-see while you’re in Las Vegas.

1. How HR leaders are using A.I. to transform the employee experience

A.I. is singular in its ability to transform the employee experience and anticipate problems before they become systemic and widespread. This panel will discuss how AI is already transforming nearly every facet of HR — including talent acquisition, learning & development, coaching, and internal career mobility. The panelists will also cover how HR should be preparing for AI in the workplace, how to get management involved, and how the technology will shape the employee experience forever more.

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Session schedule: Wednesday, September 12 @ 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Room: Lando

Session Number: AI3

Note from Hyphen: AI and other tech disruptors lie at the heart of Hyphen’s feedback platform. Innovation is uniquely capable of guiding the employee experience with an efficiency and effectiveness never before seen in the HR space. Driven by the people data collected and analyzed through employee feedback systems, an optimized employee experience gives an organization the actionable insights, healthy culture, and motivated workforce to find success in a crowded marketplace.

Here are a few resources from our end to make sure you are all read up before the session:

2. The most interesting companies in A.I. for HR Tech

Showcasing four specific AI-based technologies from different companies, this session will open many eyes to the entire spectrum of applications AI is completely reinventing. The panel will discuss how the numerous uses of AI will break through traditional boundaries long held as gospel in HR departments, adding extraordinary value to an organization’s decision-making process.

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Session schedule: Wednesday, September 13 @ 11:00am – 12:00pm

Room: Lando

Session Number: AI4

Note from HyphenAs part of the panel, it goes without saying that we are extremely excited to discuss our own additions to AI in HR tech. We look forward to demonstrating the sweeping impact our employee feedback platform has on every stage of the employee experience, mining valuable people data to better inform every facet of a workforce and workplace.

We are celebrating with our customers the data-driven revolution which is sweeping the HR ecosystem with some good wine tasting at the event. We would love for you to join us! 

3. Using people analytics to drive business performance

Long shrouded in vague descriptions and loose understanding, people analytics — the application of advanced analytics and large data sets to talent management — is finally ready for its share of the spotlight and is already living up to lofty expectations. As discussed in this session, people analytics is being used by organizations of all shapes and sizes to compliment experience-based wisdom, creating a formidable basis for improved decision-making and transforming talent efforts directly to business value.

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Session schedule: Wednesday, September 12 @ 11:00am – 12:00pm

Room: Delfino 4102

Session Number: HR1

Note from Hyphen:  We built Hyphen around the ability to provide employers the analytics needed to form sound policies, improve culture, and maximize productivity through a satisfied workforce. Using surveys, polls, and the employee’s own voice, real-time feedback gives HR analytical insights into current employee sentiment, drivers, and trends to make fully-informed decisions.

Here are a few resources from our end to make sure you are all read up before the session:

4. The future of HR: Disrupting & Establishing new HR norms in putting people first

Success in both business and life is about evolving with the times. Companies mired in rigid, traditional ways are bound to be lapped by organizations that are nimble and flex with the marketplace. This panel will take a closer look at that dynamic, discussing how tomorrow’s workplace will mold itself around individual talents, goals, and expectations. Technology will play a pivotal role in putting people first, leveraging a workforce’s expertise, ambition, and unique perspective to maximize productivity by making the employee base the primary driver of success.

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Session schedule: Wednesday, September 12 @ 11:00am – 12:00pm

Room: Murano 3202

Session Number: WI1

Note from Hyphen:  Hyphen is already part of a broader movement, one that is redefining the relationship between an employer and its workforce. From flex jobs to a focus on employee health, anonymous bottom-up feedback to more informal office environments, the future of HR revolves around an employee-centric approach that gives a voice to the workforce and, just as importantly, acts upon it.

Here are a few resources from our end to make sure you are all read up before the session:

Your friends here at Hyphen promise the 2018 HR Technology Conference will be an enlightening experience. Between these four sessions and access to the best, boldest minds in HR tech, there’s something to be learned and appreciated by everyone.

On that note, come on by when you get a moment, book a meeting with Hyphen, even bend our ear during our wine tasting. It will be a memorable, inspiring event for all.