5 Tips for Remote Managers

by | Apr 7, 2020

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Tips for Remote Managers

As we all grapple with how to work through this challenging time, we are rapidly adapting to a “New Normal” when it comes to conducting business. To slow the spread of the Coronavirus, many companies are having their teams work from home. This is certainly the right move from a public health and safety standpoint, but it does come with some unique challenges and growing pains. In this article, we hear from Roberta Gentile, Director of Learning, Global Business Units at Vertiv who shares her top tips for managers who are now grappling with the challenges of leading a remote workforce. 

Ramp Up Communication 

Engage with your employees through consistent communication. Plan regularly scheduled face-to-face video meetings and quick check-ins whenever possible. We all need connection and more frequent communications, and this constant interaction and engagement will help remote employees feel engaged and included. 

Use Objectives and Key Results as a Dynamic Management Tool 

Objectives are likely to shift based on our current circumstances. Set clear expectations on what you expect to accomplish and by when. Anxiety and stress can affect how we think and feel, preventing us from having a clear vision. Help your teams respond with intention, rather than reacting unconsciously. 

Give Meaning to What You Can Control and Influence 

Recognize that we can always do something. We might not know exactly what that is in the moment, but there are always possibilities. Remember that while there may be problems in the world, not everyone is affected. Times are changing at a rapid pace, and we know the future will look different. We need to ensure that we’re prepared for that future. Knowing we will find new ways together empowers people to invest energy and creativity. 

Listen with an Open Mind

Take the proper time to listen to others with an open mind. Shut down your inner voice of judgment and avoid jumping to conclusions. Practice empathy. Put yourself in others’ shoes. Think about how they feel, what drives them, and what they need. Quarterly conversations are great opportunities for taking care of your team members, understanding challenges and continuing to identify opportunities for future learning and development. 

Take Care of Yourself

Focus on your self-care. Reflect on what gives you energy (i.e breathing exercises, music, meditation, etc.) Ensure you’re focusing on a healthy work/life balance. Your energy and positive outlook for the future is the most powerful and contagious tool you have to help your teams and colleagues. 

This article was originally published by Vertiv
Roberta Gentile is the Director of Learning, Global Business Units at Vertiv.