This week, we learned McKinsey’s three silver bullets to better performance management, why only 7% of people think they have great jobs, why you should engage your team with learning opportunities, and how to give tactful e-feedback.

McKinsey Shares Their 3 Silver Bullets of Performance Management


What policy makes performance management programs 3x more likely to be effective? A hint: It’s something you learned in grade school. Give up? It’s fairness. If employees perceive your program as fair, it has a much greater effect. McKinsey shares their three silver bullets to making programs more just.

Use Learning to Engage Your Team


Would you rather hire someone who comes with all the skills they need or someone who needs a bit of training? Most managers choose the former. But as Whitney Johnson, executive coach and author of Build an A-Team points out, by hiring the latter, you might unlock the key to long-term employee engagement.

Only 7% of People Have a Great Job Says Gallup

HR Dive

It seems that nothing is certain in life except death, taxes, and dismal global engagement numbers. Data from Gallup once again shows that an exceptional majority of the world’s five billion adults don’t have the job they want. Luckily, the way to increase engagement in your workplace is precisely what you’d expect.

How to Be Tactful When You Provide Feedback in Writing


Without the subtlety of tonality and body language, email can be a miscommunication minefield. Simple feedback is easily misinterpreted and, once typed, very hard to take back. But Mark Rosen, author of What I Learned About Coaching After Losing My Ability to Speak, has a few tips.

Learning is a Learned Behavior


The idea that learning is an innate trait, much like eye color, is as old as time. It’s also dead wrong and injurious to our personal growth. As Ulrich Boser, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, explains, “Learners are born, not made,” and nothing helps learners like managers who are great coaches.

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