Last time, I posted an article on what makes a rockstar Program Lead. In this article, I share what successful BetterWorks Program Leads have in common. We studied our best-in-class Program Leads and identified 6 shared traits.

Our best-in-class BetterWorks Program Leads …

1. Understand and can articulate the vision and mission of the goal-setting program powered by BetterWorks

Successful Program Leads have a clear understanding of the overall mission of the goal-setting program and can articulate how the program’s success is measured through specific “success metrics.” They make both the program goals and success metrics readily accessible, ensuring everyone in the organization is aligned.

2. Effectively empower the organization’s managers to drive engagement and adoption

Program Leads understand that managers’ engagement and active participation are critical to the program’s success. They coach managers to use BetterWorks during their team and 1-on-1 meetings, send reminder communications to managers for creating, checking in on, and archiving goals. They provide manager-specific training and resources on an ongoing basis to further empower them.

3. Ensure continued, visible display of executive sponsorship

Successful Program Leads leverage executive sponsors to sustain the momentum and excitement of the program. They remind executive sponsors to lead by example, incorporating BetterWorks into their management meetings, company-wide all hands, and 1-on-1 meetings. They encourage executives to coach their leadership team to use BetterWorks with their direct reports. Lastly, Program Leads ensure top company goals are set each quarter.

4. Leverage the Goal Masters Program to scale and support the program

Goal Masters are internally nominated and specially trained subject matter experts (SMEs) on goal-setting and management. Effective Program Leads understand the benefits of the Goal Masters Program and use these internal SMEs to scale the support effort and to build a greater organizational goal-management muscle.

5. Serve as a bridge between BetterWorks and their organizations

Successful Program Leads stay close to the BetterWorks team through the Program Lead Community and VIP Program. They actively participate in our special webinars to stay up-to-date on the latest releases, and relay important updates to their organization using email templates provided by the BetterWorks Customer Success team. They actively communicate feedback from their users to BetterWorks Product and Customer Success teams, helping the platform get better!

6. Have a passion for creating a high performing organization and helping people win at work!

Nothing replaces passion. Our most successful Program Leads are true believers of organizational alignment and effective goal setting. They are passionate about creating high performing teams and organizations by helping people feel valued at work and motivating them through meaningful goals. They are visionaries changing the landscape of today’s workplace, eliminating silos and outdated, traditional ways of management.

The Bottom Line

We love our Program Leads. They are our biggest champions and are critical to the overall success of the program. As we continue to develop more ways to support and empower our Program Leads, we are always learning from our best-in-class Program Leads. Stay tuned for more learnings from the field and spotlights on our super-star Program Leads in the future!