The BetterWorker Spotlight series highlights the everyday work of real BetterWorks employees. Every month, we’ll take a look at a BetterWorker’s recent projects, accomplishments, and philosophies around work.

Congratulations to Aaron Henretty, one of BetterWorks’s Enterprise Account Executives and the subject of this month’s Employee Spotlight! We’ve chosen to show what a day in the life really looks like for Aaron: how he achieves success, and how he balances and integrates work with his life.

5:30am. I wake up early to get a little time to myself, do a quick workout and clear my head. My wife also works, so today’s my day to help the kids get ready and make sure they get out the door on time.

7:20am. On the way to our Redwood City HQ, I drop my oldest off at school and then my youngest off at daycare. When it’s my turn to chauffeur, it takes a little over an hour to make the two stops before getting to the parking garage by the office.

9:00am. After a little bit of email catch-up, my meetings begin. This morning I’ve got a demo alongside my Solutions Engineer with a company that one of our SDRs qualified and passed off to me. Lots of meetings take place over the phone or videoconference, like this one. We usually go onsite for larger, more strategic enterprise accounts or once prospects get serious.

10:00am. I’m on my way to a Customer Success meeting with a soon-to-be client. One of our Engagement Managers and I carpool to downtown San Francisco to meet the client in person and discuss the rollout and scope out the engagement plan they’ll need to get started. The client is a prominent, fast-growth software company. That’s one thing I like about this role: you get to focus on high-tech, high growth companies where there’s strong alignment with our technology. I also like that it’s financially rewarding, but most importantly I wanted to pick a role where I’d get to grow professionally. Because we sell a platform, it forces me to go multi-threaded in my accounts, mapping out relationships with multiple line of business leaders to build out a business case. I might have an initial contact with a Head of Operations, VP of Product or CTO, but you’ve got to build out relationships in other lines of business while orchestrating internal resources carefully to get a deal done.

11:30am. I send off contract details to Legal right after the meeting ends, then drive back to Redwood City. It’s been a pretty busy morning so I’m hungry. We use EAT Club most days so I don’t have to leave the office for food. I’ve ordered my favorite turkey meatballs with kale and sweet potato.

12:30pm. I have a weekly sync with one of the SDRs to strategize on our target accounts. We’ve been working on a large pharmaceutical account, and we’ve engaged with two different lines of business inside the org. Today we discuss where else can we expand into additional lines of business to do a larger deal. Incoming leads are given to reps round-robin, but you’re also mapped to an SDR to help work your target account list. The SDR also wants to grow in their role and the key is to help them find ways to get to the next level.

1:00pm. I grab a coffee from Philz Coffee to get a walk in before going through my emails. As I’m doing follow-ups and logging meeting notes, I usually listen to Spotify. I really like Green Day, Bouncing Souls, most classic rock and a local band called Coffee Zombie Collective. They do acoustic covers, kind of like O Brother, Where Art Thou. I discovered them at a farmer’s market, where they were playing Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” with washbasins and fiddles.

4:00pm. Once a week, the west coast sales team (SDRs, SEs and AEs) meets for an hour. These meetings are an opportunity to review changes to our product positioning and strategy, brainstorming how to creatively expand accounts and review what’s working and what’s not. Everyone’s there to ensure we’re successful as a team. Organizationally and culturally here, everyone understands that it sometimes takes a village to win new business. We like our CEO Kris Duggan’s perspective, because of his background leading sales organizations; he understands what it takes to make a sales organization and customer successful.

5:00pm. I pick up my kids on the way home. I help my oldest son do his homework it’s Common Core so I am completely clueless and have to Google everything to figure out what he’s doing and then my wife and I get them fed and ready for bed. It’s important to me to get time with them in the evenings. I love to read with them; even if it’s just for 15 minutes, we’ll read something together. Tonight, my oldest son is reading a series of books he picked out. When I ask if he wants me to read one to him, he says he wants to read on his own. It’s bittersweet… but my two-year-old still lets me read Goodnight Moon to him.

9:30pm. The hardest part of my day is getting my kids in bed before 9:30. Tonight is a huge success. Now, I’m prepping for tomorrow’s meetings and taking care of my side business. A few years ago, I set some pretty ambitious real estate goals. I learned a lot about Goal Science as we planned a path to achieve this. I met monthly with a group of like-minded investors, we held each other accountable to those goals, and we did some pretty amazing things to build out a real estate portfolio. I still make about 5 offers a week on properties. There’s a lot of overlapping skills in negotiating real estate transactions and SaaS sales. I love sales because the skills you learn are so transferable and can be applied to many different situations in life. On a real estate deal for example, I’ll do detailed discovery, uncovering the needs of the seller and then put together a solution and proposal that works well for everyone involved.

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