The BetterWorker Spotlight series highlights the everyday work of real BetterWorks employees. Every month, we’ll take a look at a BetterWorker’s recent projects, accomplishments and philosophies around work.

Congratulations to Ayu Ishii—our first spotlight and one of the fullstack engineers who made our new Program Reminders feature possible! Check out our interview below:

What project has felt most satisfying or important to you?

Program Reminders were my most recent project. Program Reminders are automatic notifications that user admins within the BetterWorks platform can set to automatically remind users to create goals and check in to their goals, so they don’t have to do it personally or manually. We had a few obstacles throughout, but it went fairly smoothly.

What helps make a project more satisfying?

We have a very positive and involved product manager. Alex [Moffit] is an awesome PM. He keeps the team excited and recognizes people whenever he can. He has really strong relations with everyone in the company and even customers. He’s our window to whatever we do and ship.

You’ve mentioned that Program Reminders felt like an easier project for you to accomplish. For you, what makes projects go more smoothly?

I don’t want to waste people’s time, so I am not very vocal in general. I build context around things and am more prepared going into meetings. We have costing meetings where we have to decide the complexity of the things we have to build in future sprints, trying to be aware of possible obstacles. Everyone is very willing to teach you, as well. David [Stensland, the Engineering Lead for Ayu’s team] is always open to talking about technical challenges I’m worried about. I don’t have to be afraid about asking questions, which makes team building stronger, too. I’ve also grown a lot in my career at BetterWorks, which I felt on this project. One coworker in particular, Justin [Huang], is a stellar contributor and has influenced me a lot to improve myself.

How do you celebrate the completion of a project or goal?

I don’t think about it much, but I do like to encourage others to spread the encouragement I felt.

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