Have you noticed something different about Betterworks recently? Yep, we’ve changed our look.



At Betterworks, we believe in the power of a motivated workforce. This principle of collective achievement is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that by aligning our efforts around common goals and continually increasing our positive impact we can achieve great things together as individuals, organizations, and communities.

When individuals and their managers trust in and partner with each other, everyone is motivated to achieve today’s goals and to develop themselves to meet tomorrow’s challenges… And when your company is made up of these high performing people on teams, working together cross-functionally and aligned around strategic objectives, your organization has sustained competitive advantage and remains poised to achieve significantly more than the sum of its parts.

Betterworks actively supports every one of our customers’ unique Continuous Performance Management® programs with our technology, expertise and on-going partnerships with HR and business leaders including John Doerr and Josh Bersin as well as the luminaries on our HR Advisory Council.  The evolution of our logo and branding now better represent this dedication to and empowerment of collective achievement for our customers and the entire HR community supporting the motivation, growth and development of today’s workforce.

Our new logo features shared letter-forms and interconnected letters to highlight the power of collective achievement, where the partnered pairs speak to bringing together individuals and accomplishments to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.  

You’ll also notice that we have significantly extended our color palette to include a wide array of vibrant colors. This expanded palette better expresses the wide diversity, power, energy and potential of today’s dynamic workforce.


This updated brand is just one of many ways we’re expressing our dedication to nurturing powerful collective achievement within the HR community and in your organizations. We’ve recently expanded our HR Advisory Council and welcomed several new members to our executive team and board of directors.

We have launched Betterworks Motivate Days — exclusive, regional learning and networking experiences for HR leaders and managers to share their experiences, insights and tactics with their local HR communities.

And this September, we will release the first of a series of reports and resources based on the insights gleaned from our exclusive 2018 State of Continuous Performance Management research. And we’ll be announcing exciting new analytics innovations which make it easy for HR leaders to provide the critical organization insights from and about their workforces.