When great leaders get together, ideas and magic happen. This is the intention of the Betterworks HR Advisory council; we’ve brought together a group of forward-thinking HR industry leaders who are not afraid to challenge conventional thinking and are motivated by the idea that business can be a force for positive human development. Betterworks’ technology helps individuals and organizations continuously manage performance and professional growth in a systematic and user-friendly way, while ensuring that the right data is captured so business and personal development goals are achieved. The council will collaborate with Betterworks to help the company evolve their core product in a way that will best serve the future needs of their customers and partners.

Each member has been hand-selected for their in-depth experience and forward-thinking outlook. As the chair of the group, I am thrilled to be involved because the world of HR and human development continues to evolve at a rapid rate. Never before has there been more of a global focus on the individual and how they can take the reins of their performance and career more powerfully. We’re in an amazing position to help both people and organizations maximize their potential. It’s quite an exciting time.

It’s universal that performance enhancement is focusing more on habit development, however the way all organizations manage this continues to be unique, as well as their needs. My role, along with each member of the council, is to ensure that we are identifying the key challenges and opportunities that are both universal and potentially different for each organization to bring to the table.

We will be having innovative brainstorms along with product feedback discussions, and the council also intends to pinpoint, discuss and ideate on how technology can support the future of leadership. Critical issues such as, “how can data help develop great people and leaders?” will be discussed.

Another important aspect that we want to embrace is the importance of human input into technology development. Human Resources is about people, and Betterworks wants to guarantee that as they continue to grow and evolve they are connected with the human aspect of development. This will be at the top of their mind when evolving the product.

The council will be meeting four times a year, with three virtual meetings and one in-person day in the Betterworks office. Each member will also contribute regularly to publications such as Forbes and Inc. by sharing their expertise on various hot topics in the space of HR. If you haven’t checked out the council already, make sure you get better acquainted with our fantastic team. The newest additions to the council are Andrew Cole, chief organizational development and HR officer at Vertiv and Erin Flynn, chief people officer at Optimizely. The rest of the council includes Scott Day, SVP, People & Culture, OpenTable; Jennifer Hedding, Chief People Officer, Roblox; Susan Lovegren, CPO, Medallia; Marcia Morales-Jaffe, Advisor, McKinsey & Company; and Kristen Robinson, CHRO, Pandora.