It’s official! We’ve been recognized by and CultureIQ for having a Top Company Culture! We’re honored to be one of the top 75 companies with an exceptional culture that “drives employee engagement, exceeds employee expectations and directly impacts company success.”

Not to sound biased, but it’s an amazing time to be part of the BetterWorks team. We’re growing from 65 to 120+ employees in the next year. We’re adding 1-2 Fortune 500 customers a month. We’re also developing solutions to some of the biggest problems companies are trying to solve: aligning their workforce and giving employees purpose at work.

Our team may be growing quickly, but we take the preservation of our company culture very seriously. When Di and Kris founded BetterWorks a few years back, they committed to only hiring folks with “sparkle,” or their way of defining employees who have a passion for helping others become 1% better every day. As we’ve grown, the fundamental pieces of our culture—or what defines a BetterWorker—have remained the same. To me, this is what makes BetterWorks an amazing place to work.

I took a quick poll of my colleagues, to find out exactly what they love the most about our company. Here are a few responses:

  • “Everyone is really focused on making the company successful. Everyone cares. We’ve worked hard to build and define a strong culture, and we take persevering that culture really seriously.”- Kris Duggan, CEO
  • “The friendly attitude of everybody towards everybody.” – Masha Finkelstein, Marketing Team
  • “I think collaboration and creativity functions at its best when you’re friends with the people you’re working with. Some of my best friends are BetterWorkers.”- Randall Hom, Product Team
  • “The PEOPLE, they are some of the brightest, most passionate people I’ve ever met, who push you to be your best.” – Paul Agustin, Customer Success Team
  • “I love that BetterWorkers strive to get 1% better and bring their unique sparkle everyday.” – Menaka Shroff, Marketing Team
  • “I love being surrounded by A players everyday. It ups my game!” – Beatrice Kim, Customer Success Team

Entrepreneur and CultureIQ came up with its list by measuring the core qualities of each company’s culture, including performance, focus, support and innovation, just to name a few. We believe the BetterWorks culture is defined by how well we’re aligned with one another. We’ve set big goals, and we rethink them quarterly. Each person knows what they have to do to support our long-term goals. Instead of wasting time with overlapping projects or working on unimportant things, we invest that time into building a better product or coaching our customers on better goal setting and management. We’re collectively becoming 1% better every day, and we’re proud of our amazing culture of trust and support that helps us get there, together.