OKRs are a powerful tool for accelerating organizational, team, and individual performance. Mastering OKRs takes time, practice, and experience. With our Betterworks OKR Master Certification, you will develop the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to uplevel performance and unlock potential – in yourself and in others. 

Our industry-leading certification program includes a robust foundational series of online coursework designed to help you get started with the basics of OKR methodology. In addition, your online learning journey includes a series of coursework that will help you develop OKR expertise through the application of knowledge and skills in advanced exercises targeted at identifying OKR quality, recognizing value-based OKRs, reconstructing ineffective OKRs, and creating alignment with OKRs.

Our program includes two weeks of online coursework, administered through Betterworks University. Upon the successful completion of your online courses, you will interact with subject matter experts and peers in four interactive live sessions, conducted virtually in short intervals during the following two weeks. During this active learning experience, you will:

  • Discuss and share your experience of putting OKRs in Action
  • Defend your OKRs against the success criteria for determining value-based OKRs
  • Apply enablement strategies to Facilitate Team Alignment and Connection with OKRs
  • Accelerate Organizational Performance with OKRs by engaging in strategies to drive successful OKR program design, implementation, and adoption

Your certification culminates in the completion of a comprehensive exam that tests your knowledge and application of OKR methodology, administered through Betterworks University. 

Your registration fee includes access to Betterworks University for 60 days, four live sessions with professional OKR trainers, and a comprehensive certification exam.

To learn more about our Betterworks OKR Master Certification or to register for an upcoming session, please visit our registration page