We have some exciting news to share…. As of today, BetterWorks has become the very first company to offer a comprehensive business operating system for the modern enterprise. So what does this mean? Now companies can use BetterWorks to do it all—strategize, execute on plans with goal setting and develop employees with continuous feedback.

Until today, we’ve been the leader in goal setting and management, helping organizations align on short and long-term goals. Our two new modules—performance development™ and strategic planning—take us to the next level as we become the business operating system for the modern enterprise.

Performance Development

In recent months, performance development has become a hot topic among high-growth companies, as business leaders prioritize making real time feedback a part of the employee-manager relationship. This is why we are adding performance development to the BetterWorks platform. Lightweight, two-way conversations between managers and employees can now focus on the employee’s goals and top work priorities via BetterWorks. The new module facilitates the real time coaching employees need to become high performers, stay engaged and advance their careers.

BetterWorks_Performance_DevelopmentThe huge driver behind adding performance development to the BetterWorks platform is the demand from our 200+ enterprise customers for a way to connect the dots between a company’s long-term vision, and developing employees so they can accomplish their goals and execute on that vision.

Strategic Planning

According to MIT Senior Lecturer and Researcher Don Sull, when asked to identify the single greatest challenge to executing their company’s strategy, 30% of business leaders cite failure to coordinate across units, making that a close second to failure to align (40%). These struggles with strategic execution and alignment ring true for so many businesses, and the solutions that exist in the market today don’t connect strategic planning with the company’s biggest asset: its people.


This is why we’re disrupting the way strategic planning works with our new module. It lets BetterWorks users create multi-period views of planning and break them into actionable quarterly goals. Organizations can update and communicate strategy as priorities of the company shift and allocate resources more effectively. We’re keeping people front and center, even when companies want to plan for the long-term.

At the end of the day, people are– and will always be– your greatest asset. We’re overcoming the challenges most organizations face to operationalize their business by giving them a way to connect their people to their long-term vision and strategic execution.