At BetterWorks, we aim to help companies easily manage goal setting and ongoing feedback, and we love hearing from our customers about how we’re helping them succeed. In fact, 92% of our customers have increased alignment and 72% have seen higher employee engagement using the platform.

We’re lucky to have the greatest customers in the world and we wanted to highlight three of our most recent customer case studies—BMW, Beachbody and Gainsight—to showcase how today’s most innovative companies are using BetterWorks to help them get 1% better every day.

From aligning goals to increasing the frequency of manager-employee conversations, it’s clear BetterWorks is helping these companies drive high performance with goals and feedback. Check out the customer stories by clicking the links below:

Customer Story: BMW 

What drives a BMW executive? Find out by reading our BMW customer story, where Uwe Higgen, Managing Partner of BMW i Ventures, discusses with us his early beginnings at BMW, finding inspiration in innovation and how he gets his team aligned using BetterWorks.

Customer Story: Beachbody

If you want to learn how BetterWorks helps drive employee engagement and frequent check-ins between managers and employees, download our Beachbody customer case study. Cory Kreeck, Executive Director of Training and Development at Beachbody, says Betterworks changed their entire system for the better, making it possible for employees to feel significantly more engaged and accountable.

Customer Story: Gainsight

How can BetterWorks help you enable company-wide OKR adoption? Check out our Gainsight customer case study to find out. With BetterWorks, everyone at the company is on the same goal setting cadence, and employees have increased visibility into top company goals and how their daily actions contribute to those goals.

To see more of our customer case studies, check out