It’s hard to believe we just launched publicly a few months back, but since then we’ve experienced some awesome growth–in fact, users logged 72% more progress updates this quarter than in Q2 and added 15,000 new goals in the platform in Q3. That means a new goal is created every 9 minutes on the BetterWorks platform.

With all those new goals in BetterWorks, I’m excited to introduce two new features today that will help you view all that progress, track updates and share your achievements with the rest of the team: the Contextual Org Chart™ and Work Profile™.

First up, the Contextual Org Chart is a brand new way to view goals within BetterWorks. Instead of starting at a specific goal and viewing all the contributors that roll up to it (the Goal Chart), the Org Chart helps you view by reporting structure and internal hierarchy.  Companies often think from the perspectives of work to be done, but equally important is the perspective of the individuals who are doing the work.  At a glance, you can instantly see what an entire team or department is working on, their current progress, and how people are related to each other. We think this feature gives an added layer of transparency, increases support for teams, and helps you align daily tasks with company strategy. Check it out in action:


With the new Work Profile, we’ve supercharged your personal page within BetterWorks to become a living record of your work accomplishments. This means that for the first time, you’ll not only get credit for your accomplishments automatically, but also be able to share them with everyone at your company (which is great if you’re not the best at bragging about your wins – we take care of that for you). Want an easy way to look back at the last year and see what you’ve done? Simple. Curious what one of your colleagues accomplished last quarter? Easy. Work Profiles in BetterWorks show the top goals each person is working on, current progress, lifetime activity within the platform and an entire accomplishment timeline.


And if all that goodness wasn’t enough, the BetterWorks team has been hard at work on other key fronts. We’ve also added user management and customization tools to help admins easily manage an entire deployment. From user, goal and activity reports to the ability to customize goal and milestone settings throughout the platform, these new capabilities make onboarding simple and let your company use the goal naming you’re already accustomed to.

We’re super proud of these new capabilities – let us know what you think!