What do self driving cars, the mannequin challenge and OKRs have in common? They’re all becoming more and more mainstream today, and while I can’t promise anything for the mannequin challenge, I can say that OKRs are here to stayfor good.

As companies strive for more agility, the OKR processa revolutionary goal setting and management methodologyis gaining serious momentum. What makes OKRs so exciting is that they elegantly align employee motivations to organizational performance. OKRs helped Google grow from 40 to 40,000 employees, and an increasing number of companiesincluding Spotify, Intel and GoProare adopting OKRs to make sure their employees are engaged and focused on the most important work. Even non-tech companies like Schneider Electric and Kroger are adopting OKRs. It’s clear that the OKR industry is maturing.

I was lucky enough to witness a similar maturation of an industry during my tenure as a Solutions Engineer at Box.com, a cloud storage and file sharing technology. When I started at Box, the industry didn’t yet know how to buy cloud technology. It took companies some time to figure out the right questions to ask to validate whether our technology would fit their needs. The formal request for proposal (RFP) templates that they had been using for years were no longer relevant to our SaaS business model. Over the years, as companies began to realize the value of moving to the cloud, they built up a playbook of questions to ask. We began to speak the same language with our customers, and they were better able to validate our technology against their requirements.

Today, as a Solutions Engineer at BetterWorks, coaching people through the process of validating an OKRs solution, I’m seeing the same transition take place.  This is why we wanted to develop a framework that the industry could use to understand the capabilities of an OKR software solution, and give recommendations on developing requirements for that solution. At BetterWorks we have been lucky to work with many best-in-class companies that understand the value of OKRs, and are aware of the limitations of non-technology supported implementations. We’ve compiled all the questions from people that are most advanced in thinking about OKRs, and present you with…

The Golden OKR RFP Template

Simply click the link, make a copy of the spreadsheet and customize it for your OKR needs. And don’t forget to include betterworks in your list of vendors to fill it out!