At BetterWorks, we’re passionate about helping our customers roll out continuous performance management™ programs. We get excited helping you change your culture so that frequent feedback becomes the norm, and we love seeing goal setting become part of your company’s DNA.

In particular, the most enjoyable part for me is to be able to recognize the customers who have gone above and beyond using BetterWorks to get 1% better every day. At this year’s Goal Summit, we recognized the following customer award winners:  

Goal Master of the Year

The 2017 Goal Master of the Year award recipient is Lauren Weber from Prosper Marketplace. Goal Masters are employees who are especially trained to use their product and domain expertise to help the organization run an effective goal program. Lauren demonstrated incredible success re-launching BetterWorks at Prosper and personally training 40 new Goal Masters. She drove program usage from 18% to 78% in just one quarter. Congratulations, Lauren!

Program Lead of the Year

The 2017 Program Lead of the Year award recipient is Cory Kreeck from Beachbody. Program Leads play an extremely important role: they not only administer the day-to-day program, but also partner with the BetterWorks Customer Success team to ensure a successful rollout and ongoing program adoption. Cory drove over 98% program participation and over 40,000 BetterWorks check-ins in 2016. He has also been a strong innovation partner for BetterWorks. Congratulations Cory!

Innovator of the Year

The 2017 Innovator of the Year award recipient is Kamilah Thomas from A+E Networks. She spearheaded the company-wide launch of what her company called “Next90 powered by BetterWorks,” an internal program that drives how the company uses BetterWorks each quarter. Under Kamilah’s leadership, A+E developed creative branding and used numerous techniques to make their continuous performance management program particularly fun and engaging for the whole A+E team. Congratulations Kamilah!

Product Awards

We are also happy to celebrate our BetterWorks Product Award recipients. These awards recognize customers who are deeply engaged with the BetterWorks platform who and demonstrate exceptional product usage.

  • Supportive Superstars Award – Congratulations to Group El Angel for achieving the most cheers per user.
  • Marvelous Manager Award – Congratulations to Lumeris for driving the highest level of manager engagement.
  • Awesome Adopters –  Congratulations to Lumeris (again!) for spending the most time in BetterWorks per user.
  • Exceptional Executives – Congratulations to Shopkick for demonstrating the highest level of executive engagement.
  • Mobile Mavens – Congratulations to Intuit for having the highest mobile usage.
  • Captivating Commenters – Congratulations to Aurea for driving the highest number of comments per user.
  • Check-in Champions – Congratulations to Kroger Manufacturing for having the most check-ins per user.
  • Cross-functional Celebrities – Congratulations to RMS for driving the most cross-functional team views.

We are proud to partner with these innovative companies and to work closely with the individuals who are instrumental in driving the success of their BetterWorks programs. Congratulations to all of our 2017 award recipients!

I am looking forward to announcing the 2018 award winners at our next Goal Summit and hope to see your name on the list!