Rethinking performance management is top of mind for many of today’s HR leaders. After all, you’re not only responsible for shaping your company’s overall culture, but also helping your people develop, perform at their best and genuinely want to come to work every day.

It’s clear that traditional performance management processes, focusing exclusively on methods of annual ratings and reviews, just aren’t cutting it:

  • Less than 1/3 of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs
  • Only 6% of organizations believe their current process for managing performance is worth the time
  • Nearly 70% of today’s companies are moving towards a different performance management model

It turns out that 1 in 3 companies are actually moving to a revolutionary new method called continuous performance management™where managers and employees have frequent coaching conversations, and employees exchange lightweight, ongoing feedback. 

As more companies begin to realize the importance of frequent, lightweight feedback, we wanted to create a whitepaper to help you design the most effective feedback culture for your company. Treat it as your go-to guide for learning everything you need to know about feedback, from determining which feedback types are right for your organization to learning how the BetterWorks platform can help you significantly ease the process:

Download the Whitepaper

Good luck on your journey to continuous performance management!