During the height of March Madness, we launched a no-strings-attached trial for anyone interested in testing the waters with BetterWorks. Thousands are joining our community of users who’ve discovered how quick and easy it is to set and manage goals with BetterWorks. Turns out that when teams set, collaborate and align on goals, more work gets done and morale stays high.

But we’re not the only ones who understand how business goal setting and alignment can move the needle for a company. A surplus of data exists surrounding the powerful implications of goal setting on achievement. Here are five reasons you should start a trial of BetterWorks today:

  1. Just seeing progress is motivational.  Did you know that Fitbit users take 43% more steps than non-Fitbit users? Turns out that just making data available to an individual and their peers is motivational for doing more. When applied to the workplace, the implications are hundred-fold.
  2. Reviewing goals regularly increases business performance. According to a recent engagement report, companies that have their employees revise or review their goals on a monthly basis are 50% more likely to score in the top quartile of business performance. Unfortunately, only 9% of survey respondents say their employees are actually revising and reviewing goals that regularly. BetterWorks users see the instant impact goal setting can have on helping employees achieve more.
  3. Sharing progress with a friend increases possibility for achievement. Water cooler conversations matter, and so does the public sharing of goals and progress on achieving those goals. One study by Dominican University of California revealed individuals are 42% more likely to achieve their goals by writing them down, and there’s a whopping 78% increase in achievement when sharing weekly progress with a friend.
  4. Communication from senior leaders impacts goal achievement. 51% of senior leaders (think: C-level executives) convene periodically to discuss goals with business leaders, but only 6% of those folks go on to communicate goal progress with managers and middle managers. BetterWorks users can see an instant impact when transparency and openness occur from the top down and vice versa. Organizations can stay aligned and avoid a culture of secrecy by just making goals public.
  5. Coaching impacts business success. 61% of highly talented managers say their approach to management is leveraging and developing employee strengths and positive characteristics, or in other words, they’re regularly coaching employees to become better. With BetterWorks, managers have instant access to goal achievement and progress, making the coaching process more accurate, agile and overall helpful for both the manager and employee.

The BetterWorks trial experience is meant to give you and up to nine colleagues a taste of the entire BetterWorks platform. Plus, our business relations team is ready to support you with any questions, concerns or even additional requests so you can fully test the platform. Some examples include:

  • Objectives and key results (OKR) specific configuration or customized content
  • Extending trial duration or adding more than 10 users
  • Integrations with Salesforce, JIRA or Workday, or more information on what’s on deck in the coming month

Get started with a trial today!