70% of employees say alignment is the greatest hurdle to achieving company strategy. So where does the alignment issue reside: with the individual, or with executives who fail to communicate the company strategy effectively?

Only 17% of employees strongly agree their company has open communication. Individual workers don’t know what to prioritize or why, which contributes to the staggering 70% of us who remain disengaged at work.  Aligning employees with company strategy is directly correlated with positive operational and business results.

Turns out, the problem of misalignment spans all facets of the business. But when an organization’s employees are aligned around goals and company priorities, they remain focused, productive and engaged.

A recent BetterWorks-sponsored Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report outlines how employee alignment boosts the bottom line. Download the full report here, or read on for the highlights:

Employee alignment motivates. Studies show that progress toward a meaningful goal is the top motivator for employees. As it stands, employees are often unsure what to prioritize, and unclear about how their individual work makes a big difference to the mission of the organization. Once organizations align individuals to long-term goals, they’ll experience heightened retention and better execution.

Goal achievement leads to long-term employee satisfaction. Goals let employees feel connected to the company’s mission. Once they’re personally invested and responsible, it impacts the quality and quantity of their accomplishments. Bersin by Deloitte found organizations that make it easy for employees to set clear goals are four times more likely to rank in the top 25 percent of business outcomes.

Real alignment impacts business outcomes. As the report indicates, organizations frequently experience a correlation between aligned employees and business results. Higher-performing employees report a formal linkage between corporate and individual goals, and companies with aligned, high-performing employees are 2.2 times more likely to be top performers compared with the competition.

For more information on the magnitude of employee disengagement, and how alignment can not only aid in resolving this problem, but also boost an organization’s bottom line, read the full Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report.