It’s long overdue, but I’m extremely excited to announce that the engineering team here at BetterWorks finally has our own engineering blog!

BetterWorks was founded two years ago with big ambitions. We wanted to improve the way companies operate, bring a new level of transparency to our work lives and most importantly, we wanted to create an environment where our team can learn and thrive.

Over the last two years, our engineering team has accumulated various technical and non-technical wisdoms building and operating our enterprise platform. As hackers, we are born to face bigger challenges and build better products. We wanted a place for BetterWorks engineers to share our learnings with the rest of the community and geek out over all things interesting. We like to think of it as our own mini GitHub.

With that, check out the BetterWorks engineering blog, where you can read insights from the engineering team and visit their individual GitHub pages as well!