In the modern workforce, many teams are made of both in-house and deskless employees. This comes with challenges, especially in industries whose bulk of employees work primarily outside of the desk work environment. To that end, how can companies in the Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, and Retail industries be inclusive of their deskless employees in their employee engagement efforts?

When part of the team is not physically present, it can be more difficult to check-in, communicate, and maintain a strong culture among your company. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate these issues with both emerging technology and a little extra effort from leadership.

Wondering how you can better engage your deskless employees? Here are 4 tips from @HyphenApp to combine mobile technology and #PeopleAnalytics platforms to enhance #EmployeeEngagement:

All managers want to understand what truly motivates their workforce because this is what drives their employees’ to reach goals. Providing reliable on-the-go, feedback capabilities is what Hyphen excels at – they allow employers to engage their workforce, communicate in real-time, and manage their daily operations across shifts, locations, and languages, all from one streamlined mobile platform. Together with Hyphen’s integratable survey technology, management in Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, and other industries dependent on an agile workforce has the power to see how to decrease the effects of attrition, disengagement, burnout, etc.

Here are 4 tips to use Hyphen’s mobile communications technology and people analytics platforms to enhance employee engagement efforts:

1. Recognize successes

Deskless employees have proven their productivity rivals (and in some cases even exceeds) their office-dwelling counterparts, but they don’t always receive recognition for it. As such, engaging deskless employees on a level that meets their lifestyle is imperative. Part of this issue is deskless employees need an extended effort to feel included in the company, as culture includes not just those physically present in the office. But in industries like Hospitality and Food & Beverage, this is not the case as the workplace is always fast-paced and mobile.

GOAL: Ensure deskless employees are being recognized for the full scope of contributions they’re making to your organization (i.e. show just how valuable they are on a daily basis).

  • Use next-gen mobile tools to at hotels and other locations within Hospitality as a team app, employee portal, group messaging app, and workforce engagement platform.
  • Scale engagement surveys to more accurately target and customize the employee experience in your mobile engagement strategy.

To ensure other employees in the organization are aware of the valuable contributions deskless employees are making each and every day, make this recognition highly visible. Modern communication and collaboration tools make recognizing your deskless workforce easy. These apps allow for tagging team members, which helps recognize and celebrate achievements. You empower the rest of the team to do the same when you call out the big wins of your deskless employees on company-wide channels.


2. Supercharge teamwork

It can be difficult to track the status of team projects when employees are spread across different locations and time zones. Tracking the process of the project is simple when there is a way to communicate about it. Work engagement and feedback analytics apps, such as Hyphen, that provide real-time insight into the status of projects, enable that kind of communication and help keep everyone on the same page. Even if your team isn’t in close proximity to one another, a mobile engagement app can bring your deskless employees together to work more efficiently.

GOAL: Satisfy your employees’ need for communication by giving your team the tools they need to successfully work together and interact with each other.

  • Use mobile goal-planning technology to optimize feedback data, then, with the ease of mobile communication, track your people analytics. This joint platform helps employees stay on track with projects and tasks and coordinate these with each other.
  • Don’t let your people analytics remain idle – track employee responses and essential feedback data. These are vital to engagement process improvement!

When you have deskless employees who work in shifts and at different times, it can be hard to keep them motivated to stay engaged with each other – this is especially true if they each work in vastly different roles. Communication technology for people working at an office exists, so why should your deskless team members have to deal with a lack of communication? They shouldn’t, and that’s the mission Hyphen is driving to improve for deskless workers in employee engagement and workplace collaboration.

Satisfy your #employees’ need for #communication by giving them the tools they need to successfully communicate and collaborate with each other. Learn more from @HyphenApp:

3. Clarify expectations & goals

It’s hard to be productive when you don’t know what’s expected of you. Clarifying company goals provides employees with clear roles and responsibilities. Deskless employees are already physically outside of company culture, so the purpose of engagement is to bring them into the fold. A mobile employee engagement app enables quick communication and updates on what’s happening inside the company. While it may often not be possible to have a 1:1 in-person meeting with deskless workers, you can instead lay everything out in your mobile communications app. This is an effective way to boost collaboration and ensure your employees stay accountable in their goals.

GOAL: Prioritize making expectations and goals clearly known, and update the team with changes as they occur. Remind your deskless employees they’re a crucial part of the team, and overall increase workforce productivity.

  • Use next-gen mobile engagement technology to keep your employees motivated in real-time. Your process needs ease-of-access, meaning actions like exchanging information, sharing files, and assigning tasks with action-planning capabilities need to be streamlined and accessible anywhere at any time. This compound process enables you to create a string of goal-oriented tasks for your workers, no matter their location.
  • Provide a clear picture of what success looks like to your deskless employees. Use your people analytics to create a network of visualization from your feedback data, presenting the relevant and pertinent information your engagement process desperately needs.

In the Hospitality or Food & Beverage industries, these apps are beneficial as they allow for instant team communication and 1:1 or group messaging without the need to exchange phone numbers or emails. This enables for shorter response times and improved operational communication. In the Manufacturing or Retail industries, these apps allow for your team to work better together by organizing ways for them to communicate. When your team is able to instant message and quickly get answers to problems, customer service can be improved.

4. Emphasize your culture

A collaborative company culture occurs when employees at all levels live the same values every day as they work together to achieve unified company goals. With deskless employees, this is still possible. In order to cultivate a company culture for deskless employees, you must build trust with your deskless team.


GOAL: Create a company culture that everyone can take part in. Work your culture into your internal communication software so no one feels left out. Include deskless workers in all staff meetings and other relevant events, if possible.

  • Use mobile engagement technology to gain insights on how to improve organizational growth. This means the important engagement information and feedback is front and center, ready for action planning!

Employee engagement doesn’t have to be an in-person event. Deskless employees are able to engage, successfully accomplish tasks, and better get to know each other when they have the technology connecting them to their managers, coworkers, and company culture. Additionally, communication in the workplace should not be something deskless workers should have to stress about. Rather, it should be something they enjoy and are able to do at ease. Providing your deskless workers with effortless communication both increases their engagement and improves company culture.

GOAL: Implement Hyphen’s employee engagement platform. See how this benefits your deskless employees.

  • Hyphen, with its many other benefits, includes pulse polls, employee surveys, and crowd-sourced conversations. This allows managers to hear the true voice of their employees and makes deskless employees feel valuable to the rest of the organization.

Whatever field you find yourself in, there is no reason to say no to these apps. How do you get internal announcements out to your employees? How do you track your employee engagement analytics? How can you easily share files with your employees? And, most importantly, how can you better build employee connections and reach your deskless employees? You can find answers to all these questions within the Hyphen mobile employee engagement platform. Interested in what else Hyphen has to offer? Request your demo today!