Goals have been used as a framework for success for years, from Olympians to business leaders. Goals help clear out the clutter that would otherwise stand in the way of achievement—and provide clarity on areas where you strive to focus and improve.

Most business leaders agree on the value of using goal setting at work too—simply put, goals increase focus, improve team alignment and cross-functional communication and increase performance. A recent engagement survey found companies that help employees set clear goals were four times more likely to score in the top 25% of business outcomes.

Yet many business leaders miss the mark around the goal setting process, which can be time-consuming and comes with its fair share of frustrating pain points. We recently released a whitepaper on the efficiency and value of a streamlined goal process, available for download here.

Turns out, our customers are saving $520,000 and 6,500 hours of work annually for every 1,000 employees using BetterWorks. The trick to improving your goal management process is getting rid of the complexities that make it so taxing. Once the process becomes frequent and efficient, goals will power your business.

Here’s a quick savings and benefits breakdown:

  • Save $24,880 per quarter by restructuring the goal creation process. Traditionally, the process of creating goals has been a big time-waster for employees as they search for past goals and wait for approvals on new ones. With BetterWorks, company-wide historical and current goals are available instantly with a couple clicks of the mouse.
  • Save $37,440 per quarter with ongoing goal management. The simple act of employees navigating to their goals throughout the quarter and using them as a base for more focused discussions increases the effectiveness of manager-employee 1:1s.
  • Save $80,000 per quarter with a painless assessment process. Instead of employees trying to remember what they did, or scanning countless documents to present last quarter’s achievements to a manager, assessments in BetterWorks are always available and can be accessed at any time.

Download the efficiency white paper to learn more about how BetterWorks makes the process more efficient and cost effective during each part of the goal management cycle.