Historically HR teams have struggled with being “data-rich but insight poor,” largely because they lacked access to analytics that could help them. For years the discipline of people analytics or HR analytics was considered a niche skill, relegated to one-off projects done by a technical individual with limited budget or access to specialized analysis tools. Fortunately this is changing, and changing fast; with the increasingly rapid and widespread adoption of advanced analytics, HR professionals will finally be able to transform the piles of raw data available to them into actionable insights.

To that end, Betterworks is thrilled to announce the deployment of Program Insights, a suite of people analytics innovations for its award-winning Continuous Performance Management solution. With these tools at their fingertips, HR professionals now have the ability to rapidly access actionable insights from the mountain of rich data generated by their organization’s Continuous Performance program. These insights can be used to inform decisions around critical initiatives such as identifying and retaining high-potential talent, promotions or compensation, professional development and succession planning and agile cross-functional team staffing.

All of these insights are brought to life through intuitive visualizations that allow HR and business leaders alike to quickly and accurately make strategic, data-driven talent decisions, and inform and optimize such business-critical activities as:

  • Monitoring cross-functional goal alignment and progress;
  • Identifying, motivating and retaining top talent;
  • Identifying managers or team members needing additional support or coaching;
  • Quickly assessing program adoption and performance across departments and teams;
  • Driving adoption of the full suite of Continuous Performance Management tools throughout organizations of any size or complexity

Example of Betterworks Program Insights visualizations

“Historically, HR leaders haven’t had the access they needed to the insights required to optimize their performance management programs to deliver business results,” said Betterworks CEO Doug Dennerline. “With HR now spearheading delivery of an employee experience that needs to maximize motivation and sustain competitive advantage, those insights are needed more than ever. Our latest analytics innovation now provides instant access to powerful visualizations that make goal and performance data immediately actionable.”  

These analytics allow Betterworks’ customers to drill down into the entire range of activities that comprise their continuous performance program, rapidly visualizing reports through an organization-wide lens or focusing in on departments, managers, teams and even individuals to quickly identify where to focus attention.

“The features and visualizations from the new Program Insights functionality provide us with easier access to the data generated from our performance management practice,” said Heather King, Manager, Human Resources at Acquia who participated in the customer Beta test. “We’ve used Betterworks for about two years now, and this new feature is a key enhancement to one of our core people platforms.”

After extensive Beta testing with multiple global companies, including several Fortune 500 enterprises, Program Insights is now available to all Betterworks customers as part of their existing subscription package and can be activated upon request.
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