It’s been an exciting quarter for us, as we have been working on some amazing new features that will help our users make the most of Betterworks Engage. With every product update, we thrive to create new value additions by giving the HR & Management more flexibility and help scale Betterworks Engage within their organisation.

Content Moderation using Perspective API

A lot of conversations, questions & comments are created daily on Betterworks Engage. Like any other social media platform, moderation has been a challenge and till now, we were reliant on crowdsourced & rule-based flagging.

Betterworks Engage now uses Artificial intelligence based Google’s Perspective API to enable better and productive conversations. Perspective scans all comments and posts on Betterworks Engage and assigns a “Toxicity Score” for each.

Perspective API in Action

When a user tries to create a post with abusive content in it, our system scans the content and throws a moderation alert or blocks it based on the toxicity threshold, forcing the user to rephrase the sentence in a more constructive way.

Perspective API

We are in good company – Perspective API is being used by industry giants such as New York TimesWikipediaEconomist & The Guardian.

Multilingual Support

Multilingual support makes Betterworks Engage accessible to diverse employees and creates a huge impression on them about the inclusiveness of their employer.

sur concate

We currently support all the major languages across the globe for our survey questionnaires and communications.

Roles and Permissions

Betterworks Engage’s Enterprise grade role-based access control gives flexibility to set up layered permissions to unlimited users groups. Admins can now control users’ visibility, features and data scope, and give only relevant access to respective stakeholders. 

With this new enhancement of roles feature, in larger companies with distributed populations, campaigns can be decentralised easily, and results can be analysed as a whole.


Our team is constantly working on new features and product improvements, keep watching this space for more exciting updates in the coming weeks.