How to work out like an amateur: find a local gym, craft your own workout plans from scratch, hand-time yourself with a stopwatch, cook your own semi-healthy meals, yell motivational things at yourself, etc.

How to work out like LeBron James: build a gym at your house that is an exact replica of the Cleveland Cavaliers team gym, hire two personal trainers, hire a personal chef, spend 1.5 million dollars a year on your body, etc.

Why does LeBron do all this?

“Everything [LeBron] does in his life is constructed to have him play basketball.”

Companies are turning to goal setting methodologies like Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to make the leap from amateur to professional, from tolerable chaos to operational excellence. Unfortunately, many companies fall short on their goals because they keep “working out” like amateurs, instead of like LeBron. They collapse under the weight of OKR administration and process, and never get to reap the rewards. That’s why we are thrilled to announce Betterworks Autopilot: a set of features designed to help you go pro (for a fraction of what King James pays).

Betterworks Autopilot

Forget calculating the number of miles you need to run today; be like LeBron and focus on running faster. Forget building complex communication-calendars and processes for your OKRs, conversations and feedback; focus on driving greater alignment and performance organization-wide. Forget babysitting your team and reminding them to create their OKRs on-time; focus on leveling them up, and helping them crush those OKRs.


With Betterworks Autopilot, plug in one date (your OKR creation deadline) and the product takes care of the rest. Autopilot…

  • …gives your people a heads up that the create deadline is approaching, so teams have time to discuss top priorities for the coming business period.
  • …tells managers which direct reports are late on creating their OKRs, and lets those managers message late-creators with one click.
  • …reminds employees to check in to OKRs that have gone stale, so your company’s OKR data is always fresh and up-to-date.
  • …prompts employees for real-time, 360-degree feedback using the Betterworks Work Graph.

All it takes is one date. One date replaces hundreds of recurring calendar events (“OKRs due today!”) and thousands of email blasts with targeted reminders personalized for every individual employee. Most importantly, you can finally stop worrying about the administration of the OKRs process and focus on realizing the value of OKRs instead.

Betterworks at Enterprise Scale

Autopilot helps companies of all sizes dramatically reduce their administrative overhead, but the gains are especially big at our Fortune 500 customers. Imagine you’re one of our three Fortune 10 customers managing thousands of employees. Now, imagine 5% of your people still need to create their OKRs, and you have to send out targeted, personalized emails to all of them. It doesn’t just feel cumbersome; it feels impossible.

Managing anything for thousands of employees is incredibly challenging. Fortunately, Betterworks is here to help: the enterprise is in our DNA, with many of us coming from thought-leaders like Box, Salesforce, and Yammer. Our product team is always shipping awesome enterprise features as we work side-by-side with customers like Kroger and Schneider Electric, and partner with thought-leaders like Salesforce and Atlassian.

In addition to Autopilot, we have a variety of other enterprise scale features:

  • If you’re a multinational corporation, or a global holding company, BetterWorks is the only goal setting platform that can support multiple-instances within one enterprise. Multi-instance support ensures that different subsidiaries and lines-of-business are kept separate, but your shared services can easily manage your entire BetterWorks ecosystem.
  • If security and compliance are priorities for your organization and IT department (we hope they are), Betterworks is the clear choice for you. Our platform is ISO 27001 certified, Privacy Shield certified and SOC 2 compliant.
  • We know educating your people about Betterworks and OKRs is hugely important, so we let you play with upcoming product changes a full month in advance inside of our Preview Environment.
  • We know your organization changes all the time, so we easily integrate with your HRIS to keep data flowing.

The bottom-line: we know exactly what it takes to make a truly enterprise platform, and we know how to make OKRs work at your organization.

“Everything LeBron does in his life is constructed to have him play basketball.” Everything we build is constructed to have you achieve your objectives. If you want to go pro, just say hello.