BetterWorks helps change the way organizations think about goals: we’ve flipped goals from being closed and private to open and transparent, we encourage setting goals quarterlyinstead of annuallyso they stay relevant and finally, we believe goals should be consistently updated to ensure they reflect the current progress of the business. After adopting BetterWorks, 95% of our customers say they’ve experienced an increase in transparency and 91% say they’ve experienced an increase in alignment.

Although we’ve seen success in transforming goals for the enterprise, we are always looking to get 1% better every day in helping high performing organizations.Through our deployments, we began to notice a common thread across our user base: email is still a lifeline for the enterprise. In fact, a report from the Huffington Post states that the average employee spends 3.2 hours a day devoted to work emails—that’s 40% of an employee’s day!

Given the huge amount of time people spend in their emails, we’re excited to announce the launch of BetterWorks for Gmail, a plugin that allows users to view their, and their peers’, goals front and center whenever they log in to email. Users can check in to their goals, give feedback on work they’re collaborating on and capture real-time insights in the BetterWorks platform. We will also be supporting similar functionalities for our Microsoft Outlook plugin, which we’ll be launching next quarter!

Here are some of the key features of BetterWorks for Gmail:

Cheer, nudge and comment on goals copy

Cheer, Nudge and Comment On Coworkers’ Goals
Our plugin not only shows you the the email sender’s goals, but it also allows you to quickly Cheer, Nudge or Comment on the goal based on the email content you are reading.

Never Forget Your Goals
Gone are the days of your goals being locked in an ancient portal. BetterWorks for Gmail allows you to view and make progress updates on any of your goals.

Adding Directory Services to Gmail
Gmail is great for managing emails, but it lacks basic directory services required in an enterprise environment. Our plugin links to the BetterWorks Org Chart and provides the email sender’s phone number.

We are incredibly excited about bringing BetterWorks to your inbox. If you are a Gmail user, you can download the Chrome Extension here.  If you have any comments, feel free to leave them below.