OKR Software: How to Find and Choose the Best Tools

What do self driving cars, the mannequin challenge and OKR software have in common? They’re all becoming more and more mainstream today, and while I can’t promise anything for the mannequin challenge, I can say that OKR tools are here to stay—for good.

More About OKR Platforms

As companies strive for more agility, the OKR process—a revolutionary goal setting and management methodology—is gaining serious momentum, along with OKR management tools. What makes OKRs so exciting is that they elegantly align employee motivations to organizational performance. OKRs helped Google grow from 40 to 40,000 employees, and an increasing number of companies—including Spotify, Intel and GoPro—are adopting OKRs (including OKR apps and OKR tracking software) to make sure their employees are engaged and focused on the most important work. Even non-tech companies like Schneider Electric and Kroger are adopting OKRs. It’s clear that the OKR industry is maturing.

Betterworks wanted to develop a framework that the industry could use to understand the capabilities of an OKR software solution, and give recommendations on developing requirements for that solution. At Betterworks, we have been lucky to work with many best-in-class companies that understand the value of OKRs, and are aware of the limitations of non-technology supported implementations. We’ve compiled all the questions from people that are most advanced in thinking about OKRs, and present you with…

The Golden OKR RFP Template

Simply click the link, make a copy of the spreadsheet and customize it for your OKR needs. And don’t forget to include Betterworks!

How to Find the Best OKR Software

Many companies still rely on goal-setting processes rooted in complex tracking docs and outdated priorities.

But did you know that 55% of companies want to create or maintain a culture of high performance, and 62% have initiatives in place to upgrade their management to better support business needs? But, getting started is not always easy, especially when it’s not always so straightforward to choose the best OKR software.

Moving to a dedicated software can quickly address these issues, as well as add significant, measurable efficiency benefits. From customer surveys and data analysis, Betterworks has been able to quantify that value—with impressive results. Organizations using our OKR solution typically save a cumulative 1,625 hours per quarter, resulting in $520,000 of savings per 1,000 employees every year.

Your software needs to be both powerful and flexible, with insight and guidance that goes well beyond an online library of how-to guides. You need a technology partner who is committed to your program’s success, from onboarding and setup through your program’s evolution over the years. You want your program to also benefit from insight and expertise that’s been honed from hundreds of successful, long-term programs.

Your organization’s performance management process will evolve as your business and workforce grows, expands, and faces new challenges. You’ll want a steadfast, unwavering technology partner as committed to your program’s success as you are. Betterworks brings both the technology and expertise necessary to design and rollout the program that best supports your organization’s performance management goals. Let us help you get started today.

Choosing the Best OKR Management Software

Of course, there are many OKR softwares from which to choose. The following brief descriptions will help you get started, as well as provide a short education on what you can expect from some of the leaders in the industry.


Betterworks is the leading OKR and Continuous Performance Management solution that helps enterprises achieve agility, align their organization and accelerate business and employee growth. This award-winning software products deliver the critical insights, conversations, feedback and recognition needed to align, engage and develop today’s complex workforce. With Betterworks, organizations can ensure alignment, transparency and accountability across the enterprise for sustained competitive advantage. For more information about the latest people management strategies and best OKR software, visit our resources library.


While Asana may be known primarily as a project-management tool, it also works well to clarify objectives and ensure that important goals remain highly visible. It is also extremely effective when it comes to understanding how well particular goals are achieved, along with time spent on particular projects, tasks and clients.


This software specializes in setting goals for each quarters, so that it is simple to derive quarterly reports and make any pivots or changes needed when it comes to time management or project development. When sharing OKR tasks, the platform is straightforward and intuitive, with the allowance of necessary adjustments.


Popular for integrating individual and company goals, as to formulate a clear objective, Namely also allows for performance reviews and goal tracking. Achievements may also be tracking with project comparisons and more.


With the ability to provide team feedback and even recognize particular task, Weekdone is a very interactive OKR software. Additionally, users can expect a simple mode of setting and achieving objectives, as well as tracking their progress. It’s also possible to set distinct weekly and quarterly goals.