Machine learning is primed and ready to infiltrate the workforce. Few industries have collected robust data on workplace priorities and activities, and there are an endless number of opportunities machine learning can create to make companies even smarter when engaging their workforces.

With these trends in place, we’re excited to announce our upcoming feedback and recognition features powered by analytics and insights. BetterWorks continues to strengthen its position as the clear leader of the HR 2.0 movement by becoming the first in the market to intelligently prompt feedback and recognition based entirely on the context of an employee’s goals, work progress and cross-functional collaboration.

BetterWorks Work Graph

Since late 2014, our team has been building data infrastructures to develop an employee’s “work profile”—called the BetterWorks Work Graph™—informed by everything related to an employee’s work. The Work Graph collects data on the work and performance relationships of an employee available in the BetterWorks platform.

The first phase of bringing machine learning to work was finding a way to capture and organize data sets in the context of what truly matters to companies and employees. Historically, recognizing employees for a job well done falls to the wayside when managers get lost in the day to day. Using our Work Graph, we will now be able to intelligently cue managers to when and why they should be recognizing an employee.

Applying Machine Learning

Sixty five percent of employees today say they want more feedback at work. BetterWorks saw an opportunity to leverage machine learning to keep recognition and feedback frequent, lightweight and relevant to every employee’s goal progress.

Using the Work Graph, BetterWorks will notify the right people to provide feedback and prompt them to give coaching and recognition to the right employee.

While developing these features, we understood that people like to provide feedback and recognition in different ways. By using the Work Graph, we can review how people interact with the BetterWorks platform and automatically cater to their needs. Over time, we will be able to provide focused suggestions on the type of recognition a user should provide, simplifying the effort and the daily workflow.

With intelligently prompted feedback and contextual coaching, businesses will see higher levels of employee engagement, which can lead to 22 percent higher profitability and 21 percent higher productivity. We’re extremely excited to announce these features in a new era of data analysis that has never before been applied in a way to enable employees.