Last month, BetterWorks hosted its first Bay Area Program Lead Community Meetup in our Redwood City Headquarters. Joined by our customers from Lithium, Kahuna, RMS and Gainsight, along with our CEO, Kris Duggan, the event spurred lively discussions on the topic of using BetterWorks as a leader of an organization.

During the meetup, program leads and their Customer Success Managers met and mingled over drinks and good grub. The event began with a quick-fire speed dating activity, where everyone paired up to answer questions about their biggest wins and learnings using BetterWorks (photos below).


To cap off the night, Kris presented his views on running a company using BetterWorks (and even how his kids use it), which sparked a great discussion about bottoms-up goal setting and launching the right performance conversations™ for different teams (photo below).

Below are some key takeaways from Kris’s discussion:

  • Power cheer: a little time makes a huge difference to each IC in your organization. Send some unexpected cheers and nudges every week.
  • Assess and reflect: Kris once heard someone say that the key to happiness is setting huge goals, working really hard to accomplish them and then looking back at what you did. That’s why it’s important to close the quarter right with assessments and reflection on each objective.
  • Conversations: cut out the fat and don’t spend an hour on a conversation just because you scheduled it—have structured, lightweight performance checkpoints with the context of your goals.

To learn more about how Kris uses BetterWorks, download the e-book on “How the CEO of BetterWorks Uses BetterWorks.”

This was the first of many PLC meet ups, and we hope you can join our next event to share your stories, generate new product ideas and meet other program lead heroes!