I remember my first time. It was awkward and very much the month of February.

I was extremely uncoordinated and, to quote Kamelle Mills or Lauren McHale, I was unconsciously “saying a few prayers to Beyonce.” When it was over with I said that I probably was not going to do it again, but if I did I would only go once or twice more.

A couple weeks later a few colleagues asked if I was ready for the next ride. Then at some point, I signed up for my sixth SoulCycle and bought a ten-day pass to, “save a few bucks.” Somewhere in all of that, I created the #grababike channel in Slack to stay in sync with my colleagues on what classes we were taking, Randall created the #tapitback playlist in Spotify, Ciara began to Shazzam rides, and Lindsay started the whole “who’s your favorite instructor?” debate.

By April, SoulCycle was spiraling out of control. It was becoming a “thing” at BetterWorks – mornings, nights, weekdays, weekends – it didn’t really matter. When Caleb joined BetterWorks, he was easily persuaded to ride with the BetterWorks tribe on his first day of work. Little did he know, it was a special ‘Soul Challenge,’ – a 90-minute journey where Lauren takes you through heaven, hell, and a bunch of other places. SoulCycle unofficially became a part of onboarding at BetterWorks.

Every quarter the New York office comes to town for what is always a productive, fun time with the entire company under one roof – ok, maybe two since we’ve outgrown the days of a single office. But their most recent visit was different. On Monday a meeting request went out to the company to sign up for Tirrell’s Thursday, 5:30pm ride at the Palo Alto studio when the weekly schedule was released at noon. By 1:00pm over 25% of the company was signed up and then things really started to jump off.

#Grababike turned into a recruiting channel with Randall leading the charge to rally all of the BetterWorkers he could to join the ride. Rumor has it, Randall went so far as to lock one of the most unlikely suspects in the bathroom until he agreed to sign up for the ride. At 5:30pm on Thursday, nearly half of the company was clipped in and ready to ride. The energy was off the charts and the camaraderie undeniable as 24 BetterWorkers sweated and danced together on stationary bikes that go absolutely nowhere. Things changed that day – SoulCycle officially become a “thing,” and but a bunch of BetterWorkers became a more united team focused on helping companies and their employees achieve their goals.

But why?

Some things need no explanation, but I think this one is easy. We all get lost in the day to day, organized chaos of work, friends, family and all of the responsibilities we take on. All too often, exercise and “me time” get put on the back-burner. SoulCycle gradually became our escape and a way for us to hold one another accountable for taking care of ourselves and “turning it to the right. For 45 minutes we get to completely detach and return to the office the next day a bit more refreshed. The bond is obvious.

But last Sunday, while in Lauren’s Soul Survivor, an employee from the front desk rode the podium in her place and somewhere toward the end of the ride, she applauded her colleague for stepping up and telling the class how everyone at SoulCycle “wears many hats,” which is certainly something we can all relate to in the start-up world. At that moment, it could not have been more obvious why SoulCycle is officially a “thing” at BetterWorks. 

The BetterWorks mission is to help employees get 1% better everyday. With SoulCycle officially a “thing” at BetterWorks, something tells me it wouldn’t take much for BetterWorks to be a “thing” at SoulCycle too, and maybe it already is…