Seriously though. What have your goals told you lately?

For most of our work lives, our goals told us nothing. We spent lots of energy and effort creating them, but then they sat there forgotten 99% of the time. Well, that wasn’t cutting it for us. Now, our goals are starting to talk.

The Quantified Work movement is always top of mind inside the walls of BetterWorks. We continually apply its core principles to our own Goal Science pillars. The pillars of connectedness, support, progress, adaptability and aspiration grow stronger day-by-day, and continue to be validated by our awesome partners and users. One Quantified Work principle, transforming novel data into actionable insights, especially excites us as a team. Data is the talk of the town right now, but actionable insights are what actually impacts the lives of people using products. One of our biggest goals is to provide insights of that caliber to every employee, team and company using our product. We want everyone to write perfect goals with ease, share those goals with the right people, and achieve them.

BetterWorks is still young and building stuff at lightning speed, but already we are seeing trends emerge. Members of the BetterWorks data team (fondly referring to ourselves as BetterDAT) have been looking through our rapidly growing dataset (133,000 check-ins already, up from the 125,000 when TechCrunch wrote this recently) every day, and felt that it was time to start sharing.

We are very excited to announce the first installment of the BetterWorks Goal Science Quarterly. It is the first of many milestones towards our ultimate goal. While the report may not automagically write the perfect goal for you (just yet), we do think there are some interesting kernels of knowledge that you can bring with you into the office. Much of this report examines the connection between highly-adaptable employees who check in to their goals frequently and the progress they make on those goals. We hope that the findings inspire you to find your goals and dust them off. Without totally giving away the punch line, checking in on your goals more is associated with some pretty good things.

Check out the Goal Science Quarterly and let us know what you think about it, as well as any questions you think we should be answering for our Q2 installment. We’d love to hear from you!