Didn’t get the budget you wanted this year? You’re not alone. The Hackett Group’s Key Issues 2018 research shows that globally, HR is seeing flat or diminished budgets and headcount this year. This means software and automation solutions are a necessity for HR teams to scale beyond manual processes.

Software on its own isn’t a complete answer. According to SHRM, up to 70% of software launches fail — and poorly-designed rollouts are their greatest downfall. PwC’s Global HR Technology Survey reveals more than 39% of HR teams are unprepared for the process transformation required when adopting new technology, and 44% lack the appropriate internal resources. What is required is experience and expertise, paired with software, to ensure that your technology is aligned to and advancing the strategic goals of the business.

Think of your HR software as a technology partner, not just a tool. The software exists to give structure and scalability to your unique way of executing your continuous performance management program, just as a consultant might. Well-designed software will provide guidance that surpasses your online how-to guides, and this expertise, coupled with a thoughtfully designed rollout, enables the software to become the solution your organization needs.

Here’s what you need to successfully rollout HR software for continuous performance management:

A dedicated engagement manager. Your technology partner should identify a dedicated engagement manager to support your launch. This person is the cornerstone to your rollout and is the expert on increasing the software’s adoption both at its launch and as new features are introduced. The engagement manager will also bring in subject matter experts from product, integrations, engineering, and more to ensure your organization gets the most from the software.

Program design. Continuous performance management software is put in place to support your organization’s unique needs — but behind every successfully-adopted software is a well-designed program. Your vendor has the expertise from hundreds or even thousands of existing customers’ programs, and they can guide you to best practices for how your organization can best use the software.

A proven rollout plan. Don’t run your own trial-and-error experiment. Partnering with a continuous performance management software means that you can get it right the first time. The most critical point of any software adoption is the rollout: from setup to training, to how and when it’s communicated to employees. Your vendor can help your organization personalize the software and prescribe effective best practices.

Your business and its requirements change quickly. As you set out to adopt a new software, ensure that the partner you choose is committed to the success of your organization for the long haul. To learn more, check out our ebook The 5 Secrets to Rolling Out Continuous Performance Management™ Software.