It’s been quite a year. Annual reviews have been thoroughly drubbed in the media, the title CHRO has taken off, and reputable firms like McKinsey have come around to seeing talent management as the key to competitiveness

This week, we rounded up seven of our favorite articles from this year. We hear from Google’s CEO about how OKRs helped the company reach one of its most important successes, explore how to avoid the growing pains of transitioning from annual reviews to continuous performance management, and much more.

This year’s growth quote:

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” 

– Peter F. Drucker, author and educator

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Why Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) Are Not A Substitute For Strategy

In 2008, a new browser called Google Chrome was used by less than 20 million people. By 2010 that number had shot up to 111 million users. How? According to Sundar Pichai, Google’s current CEO who also led the Chrome project, OKRs were fundamental. This article lays out three OKR strategies that will help your team succeed.  

TecHR Interview with Doug Dennerline, CEO at Betterworks

Tech Series

Doug Dennerline, CEO of Betterworks, gives his take on the changing landscape of HR tech, which industries have progressed thanks to technology (as well as which ones lag behind), and the emerging role of AI in the workplace. He also shares his foolproof productivity hack. Clue: It’ll make you sweat.

Legacy Performance Management Programs are ‘Failing’ Workers

HR Drive

Two-thirds of the 750 professionals surveyed by Betterworks experienced an increase in company-wide productivity after adopting continuous performance management programs. Dive into this data, if you’re considering the pros and cons of upgrading your HR tech stack.

Transitioning to a Continuous Performance Process: 3 Keys to Success

HR Morning

If you’re thinking about moving your company from annual reviews to continuous performance management, Simon Gosling, an HR expert, has been there and done that. Now he’s sharing his top three tips for managing the process. How to align the employees, the suite, and how to adapt your well-laid plans to the realities you face.

3 Strategies to Maximize Workforce Performance

HR Technologist

Some standard HR practices were designed to keep assembly lines moving during the industrial revolution. When Paul O’Neill joined the aluminum producer Alcoa as CEO, he knew it was time to change. Read about how he revolutionized the company by treating his workers differently.

Your HRMS Wasn’t Built for Talent Management


The good news is everyone’s on an HRMS today. The bad news is that by the time these systems have penetrated the market, it’s become clear that they’re meant to managing people rather than growing them. These systems are just not built to deal with continuous elements like aligning an individual’s goals with the company’s. For that, you need a specialist tool.

The Performance Review is ‘Straight-Up Dead.’ What’s Next?

Benefit News

The annual performance review has failed to live up to its name: It simply doesn’t perform. Reviews are punitive, retrospective, and entirely too slow for the 21st-century pace of work says Doug Dennerline, Betterworks CEO. Instead, managers need to set and track shorter-term achievable goals in a process that is continuous much more personal.

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