This week, 30 leaders from across industries share their advice on improving internal communications, we learn why one chief marketing officer encourages his employees to consider competitive job offers, we examine the high cost of top-down control, and a venture capital firm explains why a learning culture is a prerequisite to diversity.

Top 30 Internal Communications Tips from the Pros

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From productivity apps to shoulder taps, every organization communicates differently. Here are 30 tips from leaders across industries from banking and consulting to software and PR on what gets people talking. These include insights from our own Chief Human Resources Officer Diane Strohfus, who discusses how improving internal employee communications starts with the organization making a conscious decision to create a “culture of conversation.”

Why I Encourage My Best Employees to Consider Outside Job Offers

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If a job doesn’t present a learning opportunity, 89 percent of millennials want nothing to do with it. Many career-hop out of necessity, because they believe their leadership only pays lip service to employee development. But G2Crowd CMO Ryan Bonicci has found a way to let his best employees know he means growth: he demands they shop around.

Give Your Team the Freedom to Do the Work They Think Matters Most

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Most bosses want to feel a sense of control because it makes them feel secure. But top-down management carries serious costs, from limiting innovation to squelching job satisfaction. Large corporations from Michelin to Carrefour are waking up to the damage excessive control can cause and are they’re realizing the alternative isn’t just free – it’s also better.

Why Diversity in the Workplace is More Important than Ever

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Diversity isn’t about gender, age, or background: It’s a balance of hundreds of factors that turn a company a microcosm of the outside world and allow teams to achieve greater satisfaction and deliver more profitable results. But for companies to act upon the diversity imperative, they first need a learning culture.

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