This week we explore how to increase employee engagement, identify the roles in your organization that make the biggest impact, examine why it’s so hard to turn an idea into a reality and share how a new generation of analytics are helping HR teams see more clearly.

This week’s growth quote:

“You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he is willing to climb.”

– Andrew Carnegie

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Five Trends That Will Steer Performance Success in 2019


The ‘Engagement Crisis’ may be reaching new lows, as a recent Gallup poll found that nearly nine out of ten employees aren’t engaged at work. HRZone’s CEO, Stuart Hearn, shares five strategies that help employees perform at their best, with advice that includes frequent feedback, meaningful conversations, and, a new one – leveraging artificial intelligence.

McKinsey and A New Approach to Managing Talent

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey and Sandy Ogg, of the HR advisory firm, think they can identify a business’ most critical roles and source the talent to fill them. Thanks to their approach, a company can go as far as quantifying the dollar value of each position, with implications that are extraordinary.

Stop Dropping the Baton during Business Transitions


The journey from a brilliant business idea to execution is fraught with hidden challenges. David Clarke, Chief Experience Officer at PwC, traces where things go wrong and how to make sure the original vision isn’t diluted as it’s delegated. He analyzes the root of the problem (handoffs!) and offers concrete solutions.

5 Ways HR Can Benefit from People Analytics


A new generation of HR focused analytics means that HR teams can get heretofore unimaginable insights into employee behavior, and apply those insights to critical activities such as tying historical performance to compensation decisions or informing promotions. Here’s how these tools can make your organization better on every front.

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