This week, Josh Bersin explains why HR tech of the future will have to flow, we look at what to do when a star performer stops trying, we explore the study-backed link between happy employees and happy customers, and the Harvard Business Review lays out the new rules of agile HR.  

HR Technology for 2019: HR in the Flow of Work

Josh Bersin

An explosion. That’s the most accurate visual metaphor for the now daily growth in the number of HR technologies emerging to meet companies’ needs, says Josh Bersin. How will all this new and necessary tech, from continuous performance management (CPM) to AI coaching, fit into our daily work? The answer, hopefully, is that it will all flow together.

What to do When a Good Employee Stops Trying to Grow


Every HR leader knows they need to help people grow. But what happens when former stars no longer want to advance? High achievers can settle into comfort zones and, absent new challenges, grow disengaged. When that happens, it’s up to HR to either stretch or curve them.

The Un-Ignorable Link Between Employee Experience and Customer Experience


The maxim “take good care of your employees and they’ll care for your customers” has gained some statistical backing. A study by customer experience speaker and author Blake Morgan found that happy workers were correlated with higher customer satisfaction and profit – not a bad side-effect of good HR practices.

The New Rules of Talent Management: HR Goes Agile


The HR industry’s version of agile can be thought of as “agile lite,” the Harvard Business Review explains. Talent management teams are adopting elements of speed and dexterity from their engineering counterparts, but leaving out some of the agile methods more rigid protocols, as well as HR’s historical penchant for a procedure. Here are the new rules for teams, culture, recruiting, and compensation.

The Anatomy of a Motivated Employee


Fostering a motivated workforce is one of the single most important things any organization should invest time, money and resources in. In The Anatomy of a Motivated Employee, we review the traits and characteristics that make up a motivated employee and discuss how HR professionals can foster open communication and feedback throughout the organization, align workers around the business’ top priorities, and motivate their entire workforce.

That’s all for this week’s roundup. Have a great holiday weekend!

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