This week, performance appraisals are coming under fire, people analytics help leaders grease the wheels for corporate transformation, why millennials are becoming workplace activists, and why HR’s #1 job is to make better managers.

More Employers Are Ditching Performance Appraisals


The number of companies using formal performance appraisals dropped slightly in 2017, to 91 percent. Given the evidence against them, however, it’s hard to believe it didn’t drop even more: Ninety-five percent of managers dislike appraisals and almost as many HR professionals think they’re inaccurate.

How People Analytics Can Help You Change Process, Culture, and Strategy


Part of what makes company-wide transformation so difficult is that it rests on one of the most complex and mercurial systems known to mankind: groups of people. But with people analytics – tools that quantify human behavior – businesses are making the transformation more predictable, and culture changes easier.

Millennials’ Confidence in Business, Loyalty to Employers Deteriorate


The volatility of geopolitics is seeping into the workplace and, according to Deloitte, social concerns are “giving rise to a new wave of business activism.” A survey of more than 10,000 millennials found that their perception of business ethics and their willingness to work for companies that aren’t mission-driven have plummeted. The article provides advice on attracting and retaining them.

Why Making Better Managers is HR’s #1 Job


Businesses are only as good as their employees. So shouldn’t it concern your management that only 18 percent of managers – the people responsible for training those employees – have the skills they need? Of course. And it’s up to HR to give them the tools, coaching, and continuous conversations to get there.

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