This week, we explore how successful corporations can vie for top talent despite the allure of the gig economy, find alternatives to workplace surveys, dissect how the Chief Learning Officer’s role has changed, and give you tips to protect your IT systems from one of its biggest threats: your employees. 

This week’s growth quote:

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”  

Margaret Thatcher

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3 Forces That Are Shaping the Future of Work


The gig economy is a viable alternative for talented people looking for flexible schedules and mobility. In a world where corporations aren’t the only game in town, how can large companies attract top talent? The answers are in this article and they include injecting a broader purpose into somebody’s job, amping up your learning and development efforts, and increasing collaboration between teams. 

The New Analytics of Workplace Culture 


Workplace surveys fail to capture the nuance and depth needed to fully assess a company’s culture. Read more about how to use innovations in tech and data to get into the minds of your employees and learn about the benefits of hiring cultural misfits and how to get the most from “cognitive diversity.”

The Transformer CLO


Today’s Chief Learning Officers have the power to transform office culture. Instead of focusing on narrow skills training, CLOs can create programs that change their employees’ mindsets and fundamentally expand their abilities. Emphasizing digital thinking and honing new learning methods are key. 

Forrester: Insider threats and Employee Rights Strike Tension

HR Drive

Your company’s IT systems are almost as vulnerable to your employees as they are to hackers. In 2019, the research firm Forrester found that insiders caused 48% of the data breaches. This article explores the tricky balance between protecting your systems without policing your employees.  If you missed the last recap, read it here: The Perfect Office, Changing How America Commutes, and Hiring for Gender Equality.