This week, we learn how to combine personalities to create strong teams, share how Betterworks took a top prize for HR tech, dive into the role CEOs play in closing their company’s skills gap, and explore how to deal with burnout.   

This week’s growth quote:

“Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.”

Oprah Winfrey

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Betterworks Wins Gold at The 2019 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology


Betterworks took the top spot for ‘Best Advance in Performance Management Technology’ at the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology. Industry experts and analysts deemed Betterworks to be “at the forefront of technology innovation,” based on its innovation, uniqueness, and results. Read more about how the panel came to its decision. 

Build Teams By Knowing the Right Personalities


If you’ve wondered how to build strong teams, start here. This article breaks down 16 unique personality types and suggests how to combine them to create the best teams for the task—including “Pressure-Cooker” teams for cutthroat industries to a “Melting Pot” teams, which possess a range of skills. 

Why CEOs Should Lead Human Capital Strategy

Chief Executive

As we face a looming skills gap, learning and development programs are more important than ever. But if a company wants to derive long-term value for its efforts, the CEO has to be involved. Why? As the person at the top, they have the deepest understanding of their company’s priorities and can differentiate between essential skills and nice-to-haves.   

Consulting Psychologists Help Workers with Burnout


Burnout is endemic in today’s workplace. If you’re looking to improve mental health across your company, this article suggests that a Consulting Psychologist may be the answer. More consultants than therapists, they assess the root cause of the issue and offer solutions that help companies re-engineer their culture and processes, to prevent burnout across the board. 

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