This week, we look into why Boomers are leaving behind empty seats when they retire, how to deal with jerks (especially if the jerk is you), and why in a world of digital disconnect, HR technology can unite us.

Millennials, Boomers & The Leadership Gap

HR Technologist

Here’s a statistic for you: Every day, 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65. As they retire, there aren’t enough Gen Xers to replace them. So how can brands make sure their millennials are ready to take the reigns of leadership? Molly Brennan, a founding partner at executive search firm Koya Leadership Partners, offers tips.

Dealing With Jerks At Work


Within each of us lies the power to be a jerk, says Stanford professor Bob Sutton. Events and our environment can trigger obnoxious behavior, and a key factor is whether we have power over others. Which begs an uncomfortable question for executives: Might you accidentally be a source of workplace dysfunction?

#WorkTrends: Culture Wins


To attract young talent, companies must become a place where young talent wants to be, says William Vanderbloemen, author of the new book Culture Wins. That’s, of course, easier said than done. To any company installing beer on tap and game rooms, Vanderbloemen offers this advice: When creating culture, having real values is more important than having fun.

How Technology Improves The Human Resources

HR Zone

Amidst all the talk today of digital disconnect, HR technology is something of a bright spot. More automation often leads to more time for face-to-face interaction. Continuous conversations lead to more growth. And more communication apps make global workplaces feel local. But is your team feeling the effects? Here are tips for making the most of it.

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