This week, we explore what every employee needs in order to have their work needs met, hear how to fix a company culture that’s gone off-track, learn how to get executives to support employee engagement plans and adopt new strategies that make resolutions stick.   

This week’s growth quote:

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

Herman Melville

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5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Company Culture


Would you like to improve your company culture? Betterworks has five steps to get you there, fast. They include flexibility, communication, and a strong learning and development program. This is probably the strongest motivator because you’re investing in something that benefits employees long after they’ve left.

Your New Employee Engagement Plan Shines — But Will It Work?


You can have the best employee engagement program on paper, but if executives aren’t behind it—if they don’t see the business case—it will not work. Gallup has rounded up the core practices to follow if you want to get executives on board and engagement plans moving. 

These Are 6 Employee Needs That Companies Need To Serve

Fast Company

If our needs aren’t met at work, we search for other jobs and lose morale. But sometimes the challenge is deciphering employee needs to begin with. Jeremy Pollack, a conflict-resolution consultant, outlines what our six needs are in this short, snappy article.  

New Year = New Goals. Let’s Get After Them!

HR Daily Advisor

T’is the season for setting goals. This article shows you how to set work (and personal) resolutions that stick and introduces strategies you might not have heard of before. “Champions” and “checkpoints” are there to help you go farther, faster. 

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