This week, we share a four-point plan for giving feedback, dive into the power of upskilling, suggest you sing your employees’ praises more often, and hand you the keys to an HR insights bootcamp.

This week’s growth quote:

“Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision, and change.”

– Richard Branson

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Betterworks Boot Camp: 25 Resources About Transforming Performance Management for Today’s Workforce


Our mission at Betterworks gives us insights into all things HR. So we gathered 25 articles written by our customers and top industry experts about the most pressing topics of the day – from how businesses can keep up with the demands of a creative workforce, to the latest thinking about talent development and motivation. Think of this as your HR one stop shop.

How to Talk to an Employee Who Isn’t Meeting Their Goals


Do you dread talking to employees who are missing the mark? You’re not alone. Which is why Sabina Nawaz, a CEO coach, created an easy to follow, four-step plan. Her process includes: Making sure you’re on the same page as employees, setting clear expectations, finalizing goals together, and highlighting specific behavior or events when you give feedback.

To Retain Your Workforce, Show Your Appreciation


We all need to feel appreciated and employees are no different. Showing your team gratitude can help you combat today’s unprecedented talent churn and spread best practices across your company. Take a leaf out of the Motley Fool’s book and give employees the chance to applaud their peers with public posts, on achievements large and small. Or follow Southwest Airlines’ approach by giving regular perks to employees who exceed goals.

4 Keys to a Successful Training Program


If you want to keep up with the changing workplace, upskilling is key. Why? It’s a cheaper to give employees new skills than to replace them. And regular learning opportunities keep employees happy and loyal. The question is how do you do it well. Elena Bondarik from Iflexion, warns against making training compulsory, as you risk making learning feel like a punishment. And you should consider allowing employees to decide which skills they need to learn, because empowered learners are the most effective learners.

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