This week, Betterworks CEO Doug Dennerline explains why continuous conversations blow annual reviews out of the water, an HR leader shares three strategies to lighten up your performance management process, employees identify the ‘boss flaw’ that frustrates them most, and a serial entrepreneur discusses why leaders have a responsibility to manage change.

The Annual Review Process is Broken: Here’s How to Fix It

HR Executive

Continuous performance management isn’t just a repackaging of the dreaded annual review, says Doug Dennerline, CEO of Betterworks. “It flips the annual review on its head by replacing a once-a-year headache with an ongoing cycle of lightweight, timely conversations.” Here’s what that can do for a company.

3 Ways to Lighten Up the Continuous Performance Management Process


Writing big, infrequent reviews is a huge (and wasted) time investment, according to Randal Vegter, Head of People Operations at Newscred. It’s “hard to justify when what really matters is improving performance tomorrow, not agonizing over whether we did a good job yesterday.” Randal shares the key strategies for transforming dreaded reviews into light, frequent, future-focused, tech-forward, and vastly more productive conversations.

The Most Frustrating Flaw Among Managers, According to Employees


Thirty-six percent of employees quit because of their manager, according to a study by LinkedIn. Another 15 percent who haven’t quit have at least considered it. Their reasons were threefold: Their managers were either too aloof or too involved or displayed one particular habit that annoyed employees above all others.

CEOs, Here’s What You Can Do About Your Employees’ Lack of Productivity

Fast Company

Millennials are a favorite punching bag for leaders who bemoan the changing nature of work. But work is changing and so should leaders. “The people in charge need to take responsibility,” says Sam Caucci, CEO of the mobile workforce training app 1HUDDLE. Sam shares three things leaders can do differently, today.

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