This week, we hear from a Gartner VP about the power of bitesize trainings, answer all of your questions about collaborative platforms, learn how to pick simple, straightforward HR tech, and explore how to customize HR programs at scale.

This week’s growth quote:

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston S. Churchill

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How HR Teams Can Fill the Talent Management Gaps in Their HRMS


When picking the right technology for your continuous feedback program, remember that user experience (UX) is king and a customization is next in line. Digital natives make up the majority of today’s workforce and if your HR stack isn’t as intuitive and functional as an iPhone, expect low adoption rates. This article explains how to make the best choices.

Employee Engagement: How HR Leaders Can Restore Employees’ Faith in Career Opportunities


The 2008 crash is still causing staff exoduses today. Why? Because companies shed the middle management roles that made up the middle rungs of the traditional career ladder and didn’t bring them back. Now it takes two years longer to get promotions—and employees aren’t waiting around. Hear how Brian Kropp, Group VP of Gartner’s HR Practice, navigates this conundrum by creating “stepping stone structures” that allow employees to develop skills for senior roles.

How to Keep Your Collaboration Tools From Going Rogue


Employees with access to collaborative tools like Slack are twice as likely to be satisfied at work according to a 7,000-person study by HP. But collaborative platforms come with downsides, too. Learn how to keep your tech under control by identifying a community manager, dealing with toxic behaviour, implementing codes of conduct, and more.

Personalisation in HR: Some Ideas

HR Trend Institute

It’s hard to personalize HR programs at scale, especially when it comes to development, recruitment, and onboarding. But if you can, you should. Tom Haak, founder of The HR Trend Institute, shares simple, straightforward techniques that will let you customize programs at scale, thanks to data.

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