This week, a director of HR shares how to get the most from freelancers, Betterworks lays out its OKR playbook, we explore how HR became a strategic business function thanks to data, and Josh Bersin performs a deep dive into the evolution of HR tech.

This week’s growth quote:

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.”

– Andy Rooney

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HR 101: How-to Work Effectively With Freelancers


The gig economy is here to stay. With more than a third of Americans freelancing in 2018, Kristen Ruttgaizer, Director of HR at Igloo Software, shares her playbook for managing temporary workers. Kristen discusses how to use contracts every time, all the time, and make sure that proprietary information is iron clad and off limits — plus a bonanza of other best practices.

How Strategic HR is Turning People Analytics into Business Outcomes

The HR Director

HR analytics can predict the ROI of an initiative and measure the depth of its impact. Brad Winsor, VP at Workforce Analytics, argues that by gaining access to this well of “hard evidence,” HR teams will gain a reputation for being strategic business partners. Read about how to show the C-Suite that your initiatives keep employees productive, and therefore impact the bottom line.

From Talent Management To Talent Experience. Why The HR Tech Market Is In Disruption

Josh Bersin

As HR priorities change, so does technology. In this deep dive, Josh Bersin traces three evolutions in HR tech: the move from clunky Talent Management Systems of the early aughts to the present day, the explosion of independent workers that’s created unprecedented competition for talent, and the elevation of employee experience and satisfaction—in work and in life—to the heart of HR policies and tech.

Introduction to Top Company Objectives for OKRs


Since no two companies are the same, there’s no universal approach to picking OKRs. But Betterworks has defined three main patterns. In this article, dive into the pros and cons of picking one goal for your entire company, separate OKRs for each department, and set value-driven objectives aimed at changing a company culture.

Latest Solutions from Betterworks


From best practices around identifying, developing and retaining top talent to designing a high-performing OKR program, Betterworks has solutions dedicated to solving these mission-critical initiatives and resources to guide you through them and set your program up for success. Stay tuned to Betterworks’ solutions pages as we continue to roll out new solutions and content over the coming months.

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