This week, we reexamine the wisdom of SMART goals, explore how workers collaborate online, imagine a world where board parity is possible, and learn how managers can correct their most common mistakes.

Want More of Your Employees to Achieve Their Goals? Think FAST


New research from MIT suggests that SMART goals may not be so smart. They can create incentives for employees to only set targets they’re certain to achieve, especially when their performance and income are tied to success. Instead, try FAST goals.

How Successful Teams Collaborate According to Thousands of Dropbox Projects


We know lots about how people collaborate in-person. But as software eats the world, do employers know how they collaborate virtually? Researchers from Northwestern University teamed up with online storage provider Dropbox to find out.

Number of Women on Fortune 500 Boards Grew by a Record 10%

HR Dive

Board parity by 2025? It’s within reach, says the aptly named research firm Heidrick & Struggles. Companies are hiring more female board members both to satisfy popular sentiment and to unlock greater financial performance. But will diversity trickle down?

The Most Common Mistakes Managers Make and How to Fix Them


Managers are only human. But as such, they’re guilty of the same panoply of cognitive biases that all people are prone to, such as responding emotionally or focusing on the negative. The owner and principal of the HR consultancy Zen Workplace lists out quick fixes for the five most common errors.

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