This week, we explore how to get the most value from your HR tech, reconsider how executives can lead during times of change, unpack how managers must evolve in order to meet the demands of a flatter, faster workplaces, and suggest ways to make your company more agile. 

This week’s growth quote:

“Motivation is the catalyzing ingredient for every successful innovation.”

Clayton Christensen

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HR Technology Is Thriving, but Are HR Leaders Happy With It?

HR Technologist

HR tech is booming, with the industry set to exceed $30billion in market value by 2025. But is your company getting all it needs from its HR tech stack? In this article, HR leaders share how they work with tech partners, give advice on deepening relationships with tech vendors, and divulge their go-to HR apps.

Executives Need Help Coping With Corporate Change


When companies change course, employees look to executives to handle the transition. But however competent you are as a leader, times of corporate transformation are demanding and unpredictable. This article examines how to give company leaders the coaching, support, and insights they need, in order to keep their company on course.    

The Leader as Coach


As companies evolve from hierarchical entities to flatter organizations, how should managers change? In a nutshell: They need to develop a habit for transparency, an ability to coach their team, and a willingness to find answers even among junior employees. 

Why Upgrading Your Performance Management is Critical for Enterprise Agility


Last year, 95 percent of the World’s Most Admired Companies (according to consultancy firm Korn Ferry) reported that agility in the workplace was a key priority. Learn how to create an organization that’s nimble enough to withstand society and technology’s rapid pace of change. Spoiler alert: Feedback, internal mobility, and leadership training will get you far. 

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