This week, a leadership consultant shares two sentences that can prepare you to receive feedback, we explore how the Betterworks platform can help you stay ahead of goals, Betterworks’ CHRO gives actionable advice on how to get buy-in for new initiatives, and we take a look at why a strong relationship is as important as how you phrase feedback.

This week’s growth quote:

“Every problem is a gift ,  without problems we would not grow.”

– Anthony Robbins

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How to Help Managers Become Better Managers When You Don’t Have Training Resources


Startups rarely have the luxury of sending new managers through extensive training, assigning them a leadership coach, or any offering number of resources available to big brands. But as Betterworks Solution Engineer Paul Augustin explains, it may not matter if you have the right CPMS tool.

The Best Response to Negative Feedback is a Simple One

Harvard Business Review

Feedback creates opportunities to improve, but it’s often hard to hear. Consultant and author Peter Bregman shares a two sentence response that will help you navigate criticism and signal that you’re a team player. As a result of these magic words, you’ll create a buffer between reaction and response, and people are more likely to let you course correct before talking to your boss.

Three Performance Management Strategies that Dramatically Reduce Attrition

Training Journal

It’s normal for new workplace initiatives to be met with resistance. Betterworks CHRO, Diane Strohfus, experienced pushback when introducing continuous performance management strategies at high growth companies. Now she shares her top three strategies to get buy-in—they rely on language, coaching, and data.

Getting Feedback Right


We all agree that feedback is useful, but it can backfire. Take the seminal study by Kluger and DeNisi, which showed that feedback reduced performance one third of the time. That’s because feedback can make us defensive, causing us to misconstrue a message. Hear from Chris Morgan, Co-Founder of Listentool, about how to improve relationships, in order to make sure that our message is heard as intended.

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