This week, learn how IBM deals with feedback, hear from Betterworks’ CMO about tackling bias, come to grips with your team’s training needs during a weekly 15-minute block, and take a look at what Josh Bersin is cooking up at his academy.  

This week’s growth quote:

Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

–  Winston Churchill

Four Ways to Reduce Bias in Performance Reviews


If we don’t deal with bias, it becomes a barrier to quality feedback. Everything from an employee’s gender to their recent success could skew our perception. Deborah Holstein, Betterworks CMO, puts forward four strategies to help you combat bias including analytics and clear goals. This last point might seem obvious, but according to an MIT review, only 50 percent of employees know what’s expected of them at work.

Does AI-Flavored Feedback Require a Human Touch?

MIT Sloan

While you can automate processes, the jury’s out on whether you can automate feedback. MIT Sloan’s latest research shows that more organizations must decide whether managers or technology should give performance reviews. If you’re grappling with the same question, take a cue from IBM. Read about how they managed to balance the influence of human and bots.

Make Time to Focus on Each Employee’s Professional Growth


Ongoing reviews don’t have to be overwhelming. If you can carve out 15 minutes a week, then the Harvard Business Review has a simple step you can take to track your team’s progress. As a result, you’ll be on top of your team’s training needs, and in a position to spot opportunities for growth.

Introducing The Josh Bersin Academy

Josh Bersin

For Josh Bersin, HR is a craft that you learn by doing. And in the constantly changing workplace, you need to learn fast. In order to help HR teams stay ahead, he’s built an academy that provides coaching, insights, strategies and peer-support to help teams navigate the challenges that come their way.

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