This week, we get some insight into what Millennials think about their workplace with our latest Twitter poll, learn about the power of “lightweight conversations” when it comes to reducing workplace anxiety, explore which factors are more powerful than experience when hiring, and see how some Scandinavians build workplace culture. 

This week’s growth quote:

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.”

Abraham Lincoln

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Betterworks Twitter Polls: The Critical Ingredients of a Strong Culture and Employee Motivation


Millennials make up half the workforce. Take a peek at what motivates them in less than 140 characters. Find out how Millennials ranked diversity, work-life balance, and personal growth in our Twitter poll.

Hire Leaders for What They Can Do, Not What They Have Done


HR expert Josh Bersin dives into the age-old debate about whether to hire for experience or potential. Find out why success as an employee doesn’t guarantee leadership skills, and how to spot leadership potential among less qualified (but potentially more effective) candidates.

HR Hygge: Three Culture Lessons From Scandinavian Business


Hygge (pronounced HOO-gah) is the Danish practice of finding happiness in life’s simple pleasures. And it extends to the workplace. At a time when employees crave more than a paycheck, companies have a lot to learn from their Scandinavian counterparts, who excel at fostering equality and operating within flat hierarchies. 

How to Reduce Anxiety Around Performance Reviews Through Conversations

Training Journal

Anxiety clouds our judgment and shakes our confidence. And nerves are bound to spike when it’s performance review time. Diane Strohfus, Betterworks’ CHRO,  shares her key tactic for reducing tension: lightweight conversations throughout the year, with a twist. 

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